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Everyones favourite pain in the ass... ModkitIDs

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to fix a series of missing modkits in my game, I have used a variety of tools to scope through the games files and have confirmed that every single vehicle in my game has a unique modkit ID and there are no conflicts, however, kits 107 through to 128 (and a select few others, haven't confirmed what the ids are) still refuse to work. I have changed the IDs of these vehicles countless times but I cannot get them working.

    Removing mods naturally fixes the issue, but I cannot pinpoint it to any specific mod, a variety of them can cause the issue, leading me to believe that it is perhaps a memory issue? I have some 150+ vehicle dlcpacks and over 700 addon vehicles in game, and this modkit issue is the only problem that I am having now.

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