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NVE on Addons

  • @Razed how to fix this? I installed Natural Vision Evolved and this what happens, please help thanks :)


  • @Razed Oh Forgot, this happens all on the add on cars on the led speedometer and the cellphone that I replaced.

  • NVE (and most reshaders) increase the light emissives for brighter, more vibrant lights at night. The only work around is to change the emmissives in the model itself. Stryfaar created an emissives fix for vanilla vehicles by providing new models for the affected vehicles, you would likely need to do the same for your prius.

    Have you joined the NVE Discord? You'll likely get more directed help from there.

  • @Boss-JC NVE never looked realistic to me honestly. I have lived in LA for so long and the environment looks so vibrant. NVE on the other hand even at the Extra Sunny weather everything is so desaturated. It's kinda looks like real Scotland rather than real Los Angeles.

    Of course everyone has their own taste but my suggestion to you is download Visual V and Redux. Then install Visual V and copy over Redux's timecycle over it. Everything is very vibrant and colorful without too much. Tried many graphic mods and those 2s combination looked most realistic to real LA for me.

  • @Aurora11 Installing Redux over VisualV makes no sense, because Redux already has STOLEN the files from VisualV and it overwrites all of that, also it looks like shit

    Ah yes, L.A
    alt text

    (Image stolen from web)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe You are not going to install Redux over the Visual V. You only need the timecycle from Redux. I would upload it here to save him from 3 GB download for 3 MB files but I know how many people outright hates it so I don't wanna just go in front of the crosshair.

    Anyways. First you need to install Visual V normally. Either manually or with OIV. My game was fully vanilla so I installed it with OIV installer.
    Then open up the Redux's OIV with 7zip, go update\update.rpf\common\data\timecycle folder and extract them. After that move them to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\timecycle.

    Image taken from my game :P

    alt text

    As you can see it's not even close to being shit if you do it like that and know how to properly mix multiple graphic mods. I understand if you don't like it however. Like I said everyone has their own taste but I love this look a lot which is also same as how Los Angeles look at summer.

    I also must say Redux has different presets. You only took one of the worst looking image, probably the guy playing with medium or even lower settings judging by there are no grass on that hill and bad road texture.

    Edit: This video isn't even 1080p omg lol :D

    Even the TrainerV's letters are distorted, very clearly noticeable at 6:16 and more. I mean I'm sorry but this ain't Witcher 3 that continue to still look stunning even at the lowest settings... You can't even take that photo to comparison..

    NVE on the other hand though I admit some crispy clear look at it's base. What makes it look not good for me is extreme desaturation. Would be pretty awesome though if it had some good color management. A big shame for a mod that costs 18$ a month if you want updates and better shaders...

    If you have a look at these 3 images, they are also from Redux but a different preset. You can see how similar it looks to NVE but with a lot better saturation and colorfulness. Which also comes as free...

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


    You are mistaken. NVE is free. When it' will be made available later on.
    For now, it's a WIP and you can voluntarily support via patreon to get a WIP version and monthly updates.

    REDUX on the other hand is based on stolen assets since day one.


    @Aurora11 Sorry but you're completely wrong. NVE has a perfect saturation balance for what the current game limitations allow. Redux is known and is still a mix of stolen visual mods with oversaturated colors and an excesive contrast with just a few ugly reshade presets to make it look like an Instagram filter in-game. The real world is not full of rainbow colors and oversaturated/contrasted surfaces everywhere, including full blue reflections in vehicles and puddles as if the car was a mirror. There is also something called fog (among other things) in real life which Razed reproduced very good in GTA V.

    LA environment is sunny and vibrant in real life but not oversaturared/contrasted rainbow colors everywhere. Maybe you use a TN monitor, system colors balance wrong and/or you just need to go outside more often, but telling that Redux looks more realistic than NVE is just an insult to the inteligence, logic and the obvious.

    Some of the last screenshots I took with NVE the last month
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @ReNNie Well right now it's not free and who knows when will it ever be free anyway. Also in the patreon page, under the 18$ subscription it says you will get access to some features and shaders which may never be released to public. So it's not exactly going to be fully free either if the author doesn't change his mind one day.

    I'm not saying anything about the Redux's asset thingy however.

    @Reyser Well the problem is the entire Los Angeles is not identically same at every location. East LA area looks desaturated, bad air quality which leads to low visibility pollution fog.

    alt text

    Suburbs are even more desaturated than this photo.

    On the other hand North side of LA looks very well saturated and high at contrast.

    alt text
    alt text

    As you can see it's very saturated. Beverly Hills area is even more saturated and more high at contrast.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    As you can see it's many saturation, such contrast, very rainbow.

    alt text

    The challenge occurs when it comes to game is, you can't tell the game to make East LA suburbs too desaturated and grey foggy, make West LA less desaturated off-white foggy, make North LA very saturated and contrasty, make Beverly Hills very saturated and highly rainbow contrasty.

    It's applying your settings to everywhere.

    Now what NVE does is, it's finding a balance between all those districts and creates an overall balanced middle ground. It looks mostly realistic below Downtown LA but semi-unrealistic above Downtown LA.

    Redux's Vivid preset makes above the Downtown LA identically realistic but below the Downtown LA completely unrealistic. That is the difference between those 2. One is making the entire Los Santos between semi-realistic and semi-unrealistic while the other one making one part completely realistic and the other part completely unrealistic. I'm excluding the areas out of the city like Sandy and Blaine.

    and this leading to like I said how do you want to generally see the game? Some prefers crispy looking with balanced contrast some prefer very saturated luxury modern place like looking. Well for myself, I love the colorful look. It brings color to my eyes and makes things look beautiful. Some can prefer less colors and more balance.

    Redux has different presets as well and they are far away from each others. The good thing with that is for example when you go Beverly Hills area you can easily load up the Vivid preset from ReShade menu. When you travel down to suburbs, you can load up Dark and Deep preset. When you go Downtown area you can load up Deep and Rich preset. So it's not only just made from high contrast rainbow colors and the presets have big differences than each others.

    NVE has different presets too of course from what I have seen in comparison videos. But the presets are close to each others since the mod itself is based on balance. They are not extending something too much but keeping in the reasonable balanced limits. One preset makes things more vibrant other even less vibrant but all in all they are very similar with some differences.


    @Aurora11 I don't agree. Even though you're right when saying that some LA zones look more saturated than others (this happens in Barcelona too and many other places, is not something LA exclusive) in real life, none of them is as saturated as Redux displays. Also NVE does not try to find a balance between all the districts since this is not possible with the game files, instead it finds the general balance between an 80-85% of realism and 20-15% of art work.

    You have a personal taste which makes you like more saturated colors and I get the point but when talking about realism NVE right now is the most accurate graphics mod and that's not debatable at all, is very obvious if you've played with the mod and/or you've seen pure NVE videos (not mixed NVE + other graphic mods videos).

    Even in the real life images you've posted yourself in the last comment NVE in comparission would be looking more accurate than Redux.

  • @Reyser Well why I talked about LA is because the game based in LA. but yeah sure, there are many other places that look very saturated as well.

    This one I got from Razed's video

    and it's still not as vibrant as real ( 2:00 ). Like look at this one

    alt text

    Although while checking some other videos, I peronally felt a feeling that it looks very realistic at Venice Beach and when you look at the city from there. As for the city, it's kinda like mid Spring and beginning of the Fall look but colors fit good. I though believe it's either this guy who uploaded the video has some additional graphic mods or because it's RTX thingy which I don't have ugh..

    It's like really looking nice in that DubSteZz guy's video. Though he also has Redux videos too and mine still not looking same as his.. I highly believe it's because of he has Ray Tracing. or additional graphic mods. or both..

    I guess you have the NVE. Can you confirm the graphics in that video (especially the ones in the city) same with yours? and do you have RTX or not? (Like 0:20 , 2:40 , 9:06 )

    I'm gonna try to find that mod somehow and if I can I'm gonna check how will it look on my pc. I highly doubt it's gonna be identical on me though :/ Oh and, it makes the peds look a lot better. My addon peds look nicey normally but at the close look they are looking kinda bad. I don't know how NVE would change it in my pc but in that video they look a lot better.

    I didn't like the nights at all though. Not saying they are bad but I just didn't felt like liking it. Nights look like NFS Underground lol :D

    Oh well. Nonetheless I really love the colorful look anyway. If NVE becomes free one day and if I can have a new pc with good hardware I can give it a shot again. Maybe try to do some personal tweaks here and there to add some more saturation and contrast.


    @Aurora11 There are a few things to consider:
    1.- The video of the NVE trailer is old already, not really showing the latest NVE changes. The NVE used in my pics is the most recent one and does have more contrast than before so it's fitting better the LA vibes. Still, my screenshots are meticulously taken with similar angles and zoom, not focusing too much in the realistic visuals since I like to take screenshots to use them as wallpaper myself.
    2.- The real life image you used to compare is kind of saturated, probably edited and the angle is not real (your eyes can't see that much fov).
    3.- What you see in the images is not the same as what you feel when you're in-game. Screenshots are a good preview but just that, not a real feel.

    Replying to your questions:
    1.- Yes, I have the latest NVE (and I've been testing it since the first beta-build (january 2019)).
    2.- Since DubSteZz video is quite old already, NVE is not looking the same anymore. Is looking way better and in favour of your personal taste (and as I've said previously) the contrast was increased so I'm sure you'd like it more.
    3.- I actually own an EVGA RTX 2080 Super so yes, I have RTX.

    Yes. Peds look way better with NVE than with any other mod. That's one of the things I noticed the most and is great (posting a very old pic (March) below).

    alt text

  • @Reyser Well, I guess I'm gonna give it a try then. This RTX though ugh :/ but maybe I can still like it without RTX too :(

    Thank you for the explanations.


    @Aurora11 Sure. I had NVE until July without an RTX powered PC (I had a GTX 980M laptop) and the pic above was taken with it not with my actual pc and the peds look better with the actual NVE release.

    Have a good day :wave:

  • @Reyser Ummm. Sorry for keep bothering you but I'm not really so sure with this NVE after trying it out myself. I mean I don't know what's the problem but really something really not right in here. Comparing that video I sent and you saying NVE looks a lot better now and then looking at how it looks at me at ultra settings.. Like seriously no way.

    First I was just installed it over my mods folder but when I saw everything washed out with a highly corrosive bleach I said well it's a critical requirement to install this on clean game. Since I have the backup I just went and deleted everything from game except TrainerV. and the results are still same.

    Here I present you the... I don't know what to call this LOL :D

    alt text
    alt text

  • Banned

    @Aurora11 LOL looks like NVE to me. If Redux is drunk googles, then NVE is vasoline on the camera lens. My first impression with NVE is why is there so much fog, then after playing it through the different weathers I realized it looks good because of that fog. But I cant say anything because I like my weather clear, I like an extra large, extra bright sun with heavy sun rays, and bright crisp colors everywhere. Life is boring, if my game is gonna look realistic, it better look like an intense drug trip!

    alt text

  • @InfiniteQuestion True. Life itself is colorless enough for me so I need some vibrant colorful look in game :(

    Although what I can't understand is, I watched that video dubstepz guy uploaded. I mean it looks truly good, especially like 0:20 , 2:40 , 9:06 . I asked Reyser does it really look like this, he said it looks even better now. So I said well ok then let's give it a try but the way it looks on me is total BS... I have followed the install instructions and the only optional I isntalled was realistic starfield. I mean yes I don't have ray tracing RTX but man.. This can't be because of rtx... I mean there is just no way RTX can make it like dubstebz's video by itself.

    I also watched the Razed's own video too and my game still nowhere even close or similar to what I see in his video. Like look at this..

    alt text
    alt text

    It's almost same as vanilla gta. I highly believe though dubstebz is using a ReShade along with it because what I have learnt from tens of years of playing heavily modded Skyrim and Fallout 4, ENB itself can't give such clear crispy vibrant textures. ReShade is the one that does that and ENB is mostly for fine tuning for your own taste. Really though I'm truly shocked it looks that much desaturated and washed out like with a bleach that is highly corrosive against saturation and contrast :/

    I might try to combine this with Redux's ReShade, maybe I can get the looking like one of those, despite how much Razed is against using ReShade... but without it, it looks impossible to me getting a look like that unless someone tells me he just installed the NVE and voila the look is identical to dubstebz's video.


    @Aurora11 "It's almost same as vanilla gta" LOL. You clearly don't know how does the vanilla game look to say something like that...

    In your case I don't think it's an NVE problem but more like how powerful is your pc. I can see many jagged lines and a low anisotropic filter amount in your game. GTA V itself looks better when those problems are fixed and in combination with NVE the experience improves by a lot. Dubstepzz uses a high end PC so he does have that problems fixed.

    Also, if you still like more colorful graphics then you're not looking for realism but fantasy or a full mix between both.
    The following pics are taken with NVE by Tronicol and other discord users today:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Reyser Well I did some search and digging around and found out I'm not the only one having the game look like this.

    I have went to dubstebz's discord, he has just links of bunch of graphical mod;
    Redux 1.8
    Natural Vision Remastered
    Photorealistic San Andreas ENB

    It's obvious he just mixed all those but there is no such information what file he took from which mod so it's just a coca-cola formula. Those so called showcase videos that claims nextgen graphics, gta 6 graphics, martian tech, year 2050 graphics and all that are just urban legends. Their reality is only as real as how Ubisoft E3 trailers are...

    As to reply your comment. Well I do know actually. After I cleaned my game completely to install it on fresh gta, I went to game to look around to be sure nothing left from mods. Afterwards I opened OpenIV, installed the NVE, then I launched the game and it looked just like before. The only noticeable difference I could tell was color toning changes. I don't see any kind of saturation or contrast change noticeably but color tonning changed for the better.

    I prefer a full mix between both and I always did adjustments from the ENB menu at Skyrim and Fallout 4. That way I was giving the game more saturation and contrast and a bit more brightness to counter the too much darkness caused by contrast. Sometimes increasing the gamma too to gain more illumination at dark spots. So if I can get the look that is been shown in those videos, I can do the adjustments myself that's no problemo. but I can't get that look :/

    Well let's say my pc is old with Titan X now, it's no longer can be considered as high end but that guy has 2080 Ti and i990 and it's still not as great as in his video either. and seeing how my game looks with Redux ReShade, I'm having some doubts it's my pc's end. I mean I have almost everything maxed out and followed the settings tutorial in the readme as well. Still I'm not getting anything like this. If it was to be very low fps like thing, I would understand but it doesn't even look like similar.

    I mean this mod is either heavily relies on gpu hardware features or those showcase videos and screenshots you posted especially the last one is been taken with the mix of multiple graphical mods. That last image looks very crispy while mine looks like I'm looking through a blurred scuba goggles. but if it's gpu hardware reliance, then why that guy can't have the same look with that really good high end pc. His video is also years newer than dubstebz's too. May 2020


    @Aurora11 I've seen that video before and it's not just NVE. The guy who uploaded such video did take it with the Rockstar Editor tool and he was using an old video that used a different graphics mod. There's a "bug" in Rockstar Editor that happens when you record a video with a graphic mod but then later you reuse the same recorded video for a different graphics mod. Both graphics mods get mixed in the video during the export process and that's what you see there. Definitely is not a good reference to judge by the youtube videos.

    Regarding to the last pic I posted in my previous comment, keep in mind that NVE obviously will look more crispy/contrasted during the morning/afternoon hours. In real life the same happens, the mid-day hours are the most balanced colors and the rest of hours except nights are way more contrasted.

    That's one of the reasons why I like so much NVE. Is realistic to the point that you get different color and contrast variations depending on the in-game hour as it happens in real life while keeping a little artistic touch.

  • @Reyser The photos I took taken exactly at 13:26 at game time. I have freeze time enable at the TrainerV because currently I'm trying out new addon peds and doing some personal texture changes to them. So I just froze the time at day time where the sun is positioned at a good angle. Not too low to make game morning/evening dark, not too top to remove sun effect.

    I mean I am turning towards the sun while inspecting the change I do so.

    I will try combining this with a reshade though. Very curious how will it look then.

  • Weather is not automatically changing over time in NVE, only when changing manually via Simple trainer. I’ve installed the 2 timecycle files which go in the main directory as instructed.

    Is this a known bug or have I got an issue?

  • This post is deleted!

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