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Baghdad, Iraq Map Mod Add-On For GTA 5 ?

  • I’ve been looking for a Baghdad, Iraq map or Fallujah, Iraq or something VERY similar because I want to film this Historically Accurate Fictional short film (maybe 20-30 mins) that takes place during the Iraq War in 2003, Using the actual Camouflage texture for their gear they’ve used during that time and also Voice Acting.

    So if anyone could convert a Baghdad or Fallujah map (from any Game) or a similar map into GTA 5 as an Add-On I’d be very appreciated and I’ll sure to credit you for the map mod in the video.

    Check out my YT channel if y’all wanna see my Rockstar Editor content. I’m NOT the best but I guess I can say I got some talent in making Rockstar Editor videos and editing.

    YT: Brocosin

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