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How do you add a turbo sound to an engine sound?

  • @mrwallace888
    For your engine sound conflict, try putting any english named lines from other vehicles in as hashes:

    Example (euros):

       <Turbo>hash_2641DE8E</Turbo> <!-- 'elegy_veh_synth_turbo' -->
       <Unk19 value="-600" />
       <Unk20 value="600" />
       <DumpValve>hash_E760ED96</DumpValve> <!-- 'elegy_dump_valve' -->

    Adding the English names from other vehicles ('elegy_dump_valve' etc) to the euros .nametable might work too, but I haven't checked that.

  • @mrwallace888 I was managed to make the Surano sound same as Osiris before. but it wasn't just a turbo sound, it was a complete replacement except the roof open/close sound.

    So what I did was; I opened game.dat151.rel.xml and dlcluxe_game.dat151.rel.xml and copied the stuffs one by one from Osiris to Surano. I didn't touch the UnkXX stuff though as I'm unsure what they do but I swapped the ones with hash/names. Left the ones only just with numbers.

    Then Surano had the same sounds with Osiris, but everything was same and identical. Only difference Surano had the roof opening and closing sound too which is what I wanted.

  • @mrwallace888
    This might help :thumbsup:

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