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[SCRIPT] Simple Wilderness Survival (aka Endurance Mode)

  • Hi. I noticed while playing with Jitnaut's "Reincarnation" script just how boring the wilderness in V is without a vehicle so I had an idea to address that somewhat. In the newest Tomb Raider, there's a DLC called Endurance Mode which is a barebones survival sim where the player has to pick berries and kill animals to survive and I think those mechanics can work quite well in GTA V.


    hunger meter that depletes over a configurable amount of time and causes damage to the player if fully emptied
    no inventory; player must consume resources on the spot
    player can kill and eat animals, buy snacks or pick berries from bushes for varying amounts of sustenance

    Optional features:

    small chance to find primitive weapons (flare, machete, hatchet, bottle) when searching bushes
    eating pets and people for severe wanted penalties if spotted
    heat management, staying cool in water and shade similar to Endurance Mode's temperature system

    Small walkthrough of Endurance Mode can be seen here to give you an idea of the above ideas:

    Thank you all so much!

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