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Add on Cars wont respawn. Please Help.

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm having a trouble with my game. I was able to add, add on cars as well as replacing current cars in the game, I was able to replace helmets, wheels, tires, clothes, tattoos and weapons too. One night I try adding a mod, not sure which part of the step I missed since I been adding, replacing mod several times already but when I load my game it crash on the loading screen. So I added my good known back up of the game files in my mods folder. The game loaded fine but when I respawn my previously added cars it will say something about car not found or respawn failed. So I decided to delete my mods folder and start all over. My dilemma is that I can respawn the replacement cars but not the add on, when I respawn the add on cars it will say something about "car not available" or something like no car found in such name. I also notice that the weapons I replace shows the stock game weapons.

    Any help, suggestions and recommendations is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • @cubix Install this and try to spawn add-on vehicles.

  • @Akila_Reigns Thank you. I will try this later at home.

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