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Need help finding which vehicle this audio file links too?

  • Hey fellas, can someone find on menyoo which vehicle uses truck_medium_us_6cyl.awc in STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR.rpf

    Creating a new diesel sounds that's been long awaited.

  • Banned

    @IAmGtaBoy That truck sound is unused in the game. This is all I could find online.


    sports_saloon_1_eur_4cyl # used by fbiold
    truck_large_1_us_v12 - broken
    truck_medium_us_6cyl - broken

    Looking through the sounds.dat54.rel file, it seems truck_large_1_us_v12.awc is the only truck sound being used, but it is attached to an unknown hash. Probably more sounds in the DLCs for trucks. Truck_large_2_eur_6cyl is also used for the halftrack.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Okay thanks for the help.

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