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Need help with vehicle ignition sounds.

  • Anyone got an idea on how to remove the ignition sounds in game? It seems to be screwing up my startup procedures for my sounds.

  • @IAmGtaBoy mods\x64\audio\sfx\RESIDENT.rpf

    Right click on vehicles.awc and select Export to openformats. Go to the location you exported, open vehicles folder and delete START_1, _2, _3 and _4 . Then move the vehicles.oac file inside OpenIV.

  • @IAmGtaBoy
    If what @Aurora11 suggested doesn't work for you, give me a bit more info on exactly what is happening with the vehicle sounds you are editing etc & I should be able to help.
    I take it it's related to your diesel engine sound WIP mod? What engine sound audionamehash & '.awc' are you working with etc? Give me all the info you can :thumbsup:

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