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Is there a mod that allows vehicles to push each other when crashing instead of coming to a dead stop?

  • Seriously. You hit a little Issi in a giant dump truck and your speed goes to zero. There needs to be like a momentum system.

    Are there any mods to do this?

  • Banned

    @mrwallace888 Increase the weight in the vehicle.meta. Doesn't effect other driving stats, just a basic math comparison...2000 lbs car versus 1800 lbs car equals 200 lbs of force....something like that. The tank is set to 90,000, my bike is set to 90,000, all cars go flying or explode. Maybe 5,000 is good, find out what the average weight of a car is.

  • @mrwallace888 @InfiniteQuestion I gotta love when I stop right in front of Oracle1 with a Koeniggseg Agera that has like 350 km top speed and insane acceleration, Oracle1 can push me all the way to wall like an armored Batmobile... It's not just Oracle1 of course, like every car feels like a tank with insane torque versus my car...

    Imagine a Mini Cooper and Lambo Reventon roped to each others back by back and when they both accelerate at the same time Mini Johhny Coop the Poop :poop: towing the Lambo to Nascar finish line... :DDDDDD

  • @mrwallace888 maybe something like this mod? Recommends a handling mod to maximize results.

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