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.meta files

  • Hello . I was modding Grand Theft Auto V with open iv and as i was extracting a .meta file i opened it and accidently "always" open it with notepad and now when i replaced the file it shows as a notepad file and the game will crash. I think it's because the file has now read as a notepad file and the game will not run.
    (the file has extension .meta but opens in notepad instead of an unknown program or somthing like that)

    Can anyone please help me how to fix this how to make it an unknown program ,, meaning like it needs a program to open but i can choose again notepad but without ticking the option to always open it in notepad.



    using notepad to open it doesn't cause your game to crash, as long as it's still .meta its fine. i use notepad to open meta's all the time.

  • Actually it is still a .meta file but it opens in notepad .. when i replace it i think it replaces as a notepad which causes the game to crash i think.

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    @Sniper1234 I could open a meta file using paint and it wouldn't effect the file, just windows. Download notepad++ when editing game files.

  • okay but do you know how to make meta files not opened default by notepad (i want to change that)

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    @Sniper1234 this is a forum for mods, plus this gets answered at least once a month, do a search before asking a simple question that can be answered by Google.


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