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how do you change ped skin color?

  • I believe it has to do with the Style attribute but I can't find anything on how to use it

  • @prismspecs You need to find their ytd file and edit the body texture with photoshop. If you are asking this for an addon ped you download, it's kinda easy to do since all of the files in the download but if it's for the random npcs you see around you might need to take some time to look at them in OpenIV.

    I suggest using Menyoo's spooner menu. Press F9 and right click on the ped you want to see his/her ped name. Then you need to find that with OpenIV, use Ctrl+F3 for search function.

    Once you do, open up it's .ytd file and find the one that has body texture. Mostly 1 texture contains all of the body (head, hands, chest etc..). So you need to select them in Photoshop and paint the color you want with overlay or something. Then save it and put back inside the .ytd file.

    You need http://gametechdev.github.io/Intel-Texture-Works-Plugin/ to be able to open .dds files with Photoshop.

  • Thank you! I was under the incorrect assumption that skin color was done procedurally in GTA5.

  • @prismspecs You are welcome :)) You can also change their outfit colors as well, can use alpha texture thingy to remove something you don't like from the cloth, for example the belt. Well it doesn't actually removes it but makes it invisible.

  • @Aurora11 That only works if the clothing model has alpha shader, ofc it can also be changed manually but it's not as simple as renaming it in the odr files, since you also need to change vertex declaration in the mesh

  • @HeySlickThatsMe True. I didn't come across any peds yet that doesn't has alpha shader but I remember I saw it in a car I was trying to remove something and despite I added black alpha at that part nothing happened :/

    Maybe one day I may try to learn how to add alpha shader though.

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