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[VEHICLE] 1970s Police car - replace

  • Im creating a 1970s era GTA, I need a early or mid 70s Police car. I found a Dodge Polara but I already have that one for replacing the taxi. The 1978 Fury is a bit too new and the Dodge Monaco 1974 doesn't look so good. Any other late 1960s or 70s Police car mod that I can use?

    I saw this 1969 Fury Police car but I can't find a download page specific for that car > https://9gtamods.com/retro-emergency-vehicles-pack-v1-3-0-gtav-car/

  • hello its me again, i checked your link the download link is under something called contents it looks like this:

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    I also found a few others you could use but i'm not sure you if you will like them

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/70s-detroit-police-car (this seems to be a paint job)

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lore-friendly-retro-emergency-vehicles-pack (i don't think these are replace cars, but you could look)

    this is a replace fortnite police car, which I don't think you would want at all but if you want to look at it this is the link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/fortnite-police-car-replace

    this is all I could find, I tried to look for other modding sites that might have what your looking for, but they didn't come up.

  • @RidLogic Thanks for your help but the 70s paint job or the Fortnite police car is not what im looking for. That retro pack doesnt download, it remains stuck at 0% but I saw it hasnt the Fury 1969 in it. I don't want to use another Dodge Polara because I already use that model for the taxis.

    This Dodge Monaco police isn't that good, the car is way bigger then al other cars in the world > https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1974-dodge-monaco-police-animated-wiper

  • I found this good looking 70s police car > https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/schyster-champion-police-package-add-on-rde-style#description_tab
    One problem, its an add on, and I want to replace a modern police car see I see only 70s vehicles in my game. Is there any way to get this Schyster Champion Police as an replace vehicle in my game?

  • I know you can convert replace cars to addon cars, but I don't know the other way around, but there is way to just see that police car (and any other 70's police cars you might have)

    first go to your popgroups.ymt file and find VEH_COPCAR and delete police, police2 and police3 and put in the spawn names of your 70's police cars(any addon versions) (if you used a replace cop car on any of the police, police2, police3 with any 70's cop car, don't delete the one you replaced.

    so to clairfy: if <Item><Name>Police2</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item> has not been replaced (any replace cars will tell you which car to replace) remove Police2 and add in the spawn name of the Schyster Champion Police car or other 70's police car addons.

    If you did this correctly this will have your 70's cop cars spawn around police stations, patrol the areas and chase npc cars, but we are not done yet, we need to get the 70's cop cars to chase you

    to do that you need to get to the dispatch.meta folder, (and if you have openIV use that and make sure editing mode is on) so you need to go into your mods folder then update folder then update.rpf folder then common folder then data folder you should see dispatch.meta under Meta XML (13) right click it and click edit

    scroll down till you find <ZoneType>VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE</ZoneType> under that you should find <Vehicle>SHERIFF</Vehicle> replace it with whatever car you like (unless it was replaced by a replace car) , dont delete any <Ped>S_M_Y_Sheriff_01</Ped> cause thats the driver of the vehicle. If you have other sheriff cars, you can add them under <Vehicle>SHERIFF</Vehicle> if you have standar police cars add them under <Vehicle>police3</Vehicle>
    do this for any other <zonetype> tags like <ZoneType>VEHICLE_RESPONSE_ARMY_BASE</ZoneType> and such (also the zonetypes like the army base and countryside repeat for other cars so you could delete the cars you dont want. Once your done you should have 70's cop cars chasing you.

    if your still confused this video should be helpful:

  • @RidLogic Poeh Im not gonna do that kind of modding, too hard for me. Thanks anyway for your help man. I have to look for another classic Police car I guess.

  • How did this guy has an Fury 1969 police car? I can't find it anywhere, please help!

  • Im stumped on this one as well, I guess he made it himself, and probably isn't going to give out the link. Unfortunately I don't know how to make cars for gta v yet, but if I do, I definitely could make you one.

  • Damn, that Fury 1969 looks good man, shame.

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