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popgroup.ymt editing- crashes or zero vehicle spawning

  • Hello, I have asked this in comments on several mod pages, but haven't gotten responses. I use the epic games version 1.868.4 and the version of all these mods for that version. I use heap adjuster and dilapidated game config for the 1.868.4 version. I have cscenariopoint, native UI 1.9, script hook for 1.868.4, and scripthook.net 2.10. I have tried scripthook.net 3.03 and it doesn't make a difference. I have simple trainer for 1.868.4

    I am trying to add all DLC vehicles into the popgroup.ymt based on World of Variety's 8.0 popgroups and popcycle. I use World of Variety 8.0, realistic driving, single player garage reloaded, and Natural Vision remastered as far as mods that affect vehicles and graphics. I also have custom gears, manual transmission, and inverse torque.

    No matter what popgroup.ymt file I edit, I get one of two things, either crashes around 3-5 minutes into play or no vehicles spawning. I have thus far tried to add dlc/move vehicles from and to different groups in both the World of Variety 8.0 and the Traffic Variety (2.3 Casino Heist) popgroups.ymt. Both fail. I have attempted to do this manually in notepad++ and via ItsJustCurtis's popgroups.ymt generator excel macro mod. One of two things happen. With both the WOV or Traffic Variety base I either get crashes or vehicles fail to spawn except way off in the distance and then de-spawn when I move towards them. I am trying to pinpoint the cause.

    Is there a limit to amount of vehicles that can be in a group? Are there certain dlc vehicles that simply cause crashes? Is there a config memory setting that I could try adjusting? Or do popgroups.ymt not have to be somehow encoded/recompiled every time they are edited/changed (I know nada about coding)? Does enabling/disabling multiplayer maps in simple trainer change what groups spawn based on the mp versus sp groups in the popgroup.ymt? I really can't figure out the issues.

    Of note, the base Traffic Variety 2.3 popgroup.ymt DOES work. However, I would like to be able to refine the groups and keep the ped spawns and cycles from WOV and I cannot fathom why moving around vehicles would cause crashes especially since the vehicle pools for each group in that Traffic Variety are huge. I am wondering if it has to do with the way WOV has additional popgroups than the vanilla game, e.g. veh_super, veh_rare, veh_courier, veh_copcar2, large_countryside. If anyone has any insight or has run into this issue, any insight would be appreciated.

  • Update. Fixed the zero vehicle spawning issue. Apparently missed a formatting error. However I get crashes no matter what. Has anybody successfully modded popgroups? I have been getting crashes even with vanilla Traffic Variety 2.3 though not as frequent. Most of my crashes have been within about 5 minutes and usually approaching or within northern LS vinewood areas. Doesn’t seem to matter what popcycle I use, vanilla or WOV.

    Is this just a hardware issue on my end? Have people successfully added a ton of online dlc vehicles to popgroups and been successful in getting a stable game?

  • Update again. No matter how many vehicles I have in the groups, even if I have only three- to five per group, I get crashes around 5 minutes into play, almost always when nearing the northern part of LS. Clearly this is not a hardware issue. There is something going on with the popgroup.ymt files. Doesn't matter what popcycle I use, whether vanilla, or WOV. I have tried popgroupgenerator. Manually editing WOV and Traffic Variety and versatile traffic. I have tried creating a new blank notepad file and adding the .ymt file extension. All of these files load and spawn the vehicles. However, they all crash. So clearly there is a trick to editing and saving them, or they are simply un-editable, which sort of can't be since people clearly have created modded popgroups.ymt. I am stumped.

    The only popgroup.ymts that are stable for me are the vanilla game and WOV 8.0.

  • Solved. It’s World of Variety. Tested hugely modded popgroups.ymt with all dlc vehicles on installation with no WOV. For whatever reason there is a file in Wov that does not like modding popgroups. I will continue to see if I can pinpoint the exact file.

  • What file is doing it?

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