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Trouble Importing oac file.

  • I'm trying to modify the sound of the combat pistol but i receive this error message when I attempt to import the oac file:
    "Invalid WAVE Audio format. Audio must be in PCM format."

    I searched for fixes online and this topic I've referenced here is the closest I got to the solution. Unfortunately, the solution wasn't included nor confirmed in the thread, so I'm still searching for the answer (which is ironically exactly what the person who created their topic had to do).

    Re: Invalid WAVE Audio format. Audio must be in PCM format

    I'm currently attempting to use audacity to modify the audio files per the suggestion of a63nt-5m1th in the referenced article.
    If anyone has a solution for me, please let me know.
    I'll keep this article updated if I find the answer before then.

    I've managed to load the audio file without the "Invalid WAVE Audio format" error appearing. HOWEVER, when I fire the weapon in game it still plays the sound I replaced. Still continuing work.

    Closed down the game and double-checked all the files. All the .awc and .oac were just as I'd changed them. I relaunched the game and it worked perfectly. Tested it again and it still works.

    Not certain if messing around with the file in Audacity resolved the .pmc error, but (in case it helps anyone in the future) all I did was open the .wav file from the game, then imported the .wav file I wanted to replace it with into the same project. Then I think I adjusted the length of the new .wav track to match the length of the .wav track from the game's .awc file. I then removed the game audio track and exported the audio track as a "WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM" (btw make certain the audio is a mono track). Next, I re-named the new exported .wav file to the game's file and replaced the game file. Lastly, I used OpenIV (with Edit mode activated) to import the associated .oac file and launched the game. It didn't work the first time, but after closing it down and re-launching, the weapon sound played properly.

    Hope this helps anyone looking to modify their weapon sounds in the future.

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