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Keeping a no-player ped on deathcam?


    I usually make gang-war/battles videos, and something i'd like to do is ending them somehow, and instead of always wining, why not showing my ped dying or something else? The problem is, when you usually play with other ped that is not a player ped (franklin, trevor or michael), it gets changed when you die to franklin or trevor to avoid some game bugs or whatever.

    I used Simple Native Trainer, Menyoo Trainer and Skin Control and on these 3 mods the same happens. So, there is some mod out there that avoids that ped changing on death? Or maybe this is impossible?


  • Yes it is possible. The problem is if you do you would have to remove those mods that change your skin. And loose all of there features. So you would have to make a mod to change the skin as well as keep the skin until the screen fades then switch, wait to resurrect, and switch back.

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