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Spam Bots

  • These spambots are getting out of my nerves

    There is this one Named TracyRWhitehead

    It says crap like Start Making Money 15k Blah blah blah

    I seen these crazy spambots on GTAInside too

    We need to do something about this


    @HAHAH34 There's nothing we can do other than ban the accounts when someone reports them or ourselves see the spam comments/registered users in our free time sadly.
    Still we're used to ban them so if you see any please report and we will remove them as quick as possible.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Reyser wouldnt captcha solve this?


    @v1r That was discussed in the past in a private staff group and is not an option. It'd be easier to move 5Mods to Nexus Mods ecosystem than making changes to 5Mods. We're not going to do that because 5Mods doesn't really fit there, the site is quite old and game specific and the users of 5Mods are already used to its interface.

  • @Reyser ah fair enough

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