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Blending add-on NPCs into game environment

  • Hi,
    After add-on NPCs added to "popgroups.ymt" they started to appear on map, but not 100% blended into the game:
    NPCs spawned on a beach walk/stand around the beach, but never rest on towels or under umbrellas - anybody knows how to control that?

  • @mcdim I'm not exactly sure but I think that's controlled by scenarios. They are located at mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\scenario

    Because peds don't automatically use the scenario points like in Skyrim or Fallout 4 (if you know these 2). They are spawning on the scenario marker doing that scenario instead.

  • @mcdim I think you just need add peds to ambientpedmodelsets.meta

  • @wyruzzah Many thanks, after quick trial seems to be working - my peds started to appear, though not many of them yet :). I need to look into details details.

  • @Aurora11 Thank you very much! The meta file looks much more sofisticated than the other method below (though seems to be matching exactly the purpose), didn't grasp it and give it a go yet, will need some time to play...

  • @mcdim Oh course. and I'm very happy you found the solution :))

  • @mcdim

    Np, there is possibility that some peds need to be added to more categories in ambientpedmodelset.. i give you example. I tried to add new gang member ped to some places, but this variation never appeared, but after adding ped to POT_SMOKERS also (he was already in GANG_xxx category) they started finally appear, so i recommend check in which default beach categories are original peds that use towel etc. and add them there too :) Also you can set "<Probability value="x.xxxxxx" />" of model.. so try play with that..

  • @Aurora11, @wyruzzah

    Just wanted to share my experience so far (probably well known for more experienced modders).
    Scenario file “del_perro_beach.ymt” turned to be difficult to understand. Hashes are 8-digits while available on Inet hashes of peds (e.g. https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Peds) are 10 digits. Worked around it following way:

    1. Using CodeWalker (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/codewalker-gtav-interactive-3d-map) found that all female peds resting on (as example) Del-Perro beach belong to the “SUNLOUNGER” group (probably scenario could be edited right from CodeWalker, but this is beyond my expertise at the moment).
    2. Added my ped to the “SUNLOUNGER” group in “ambientpedmodelsets.meta”
      AND – IN THE SAME TIME – added my peds to the file “popgroups.ymt” in “del_perro_beach” area.
      It looks like that if I have (again, talking as example) two peds (“my_ped_1” and “my_ped_2”) and I add them BOTH to the group “SUNLOUNGER”, but in “popgroups.ymt” I add “my_ped_1” only to the area “del_perro_beach”, while “my_ped_2” – only to the area “vespucci_beach”, then:
      • “my_ped_1” will sunbath only on Del Perro beach,
      • “my_ped_2” will do the same only on Vespucci beach.
        If the ped is only in “SUNLOUNGER” and not specified for the are in “popgroups.ymt” – I didn’t see it spawned in scenario points.
    3. Another personal discovery: ped models specified in particular areas are mixed with some other peds. It looks like this is specified in “popcycle.dat”. E.g., for “del_perro_beach” area peds will be combined from the groups designated in “popgroups.ymt” for “del_perro_beach” itself and also “Del_Perro_StreetGeneral”.

    Sorry for long post. Comments are welcome.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @mcdim @mcdim i see, it's controlled by multiple files then. Which is pretty sucks honestly :/ This game has things too much seperated unfortunately :( Like why not group similar things in 1 file :/

    As for the scenario files, I can suggest you to ask @eshenk . He has a mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/a-new-gta that edits so many scenarios to add so many peds around. They are not using scenario spots, just walking around though but you might get some more insight too perhaps.

    Thank you for the very good info by the by :)))

    By the by, do you happen to know by any chance which file is controlling the amount of peds to use scenario spots? I saw that Redux mod is making so many peds use scenario spots, like people sitting in front of cafe stores which has chair and tables, or sitting on benches and such. but I can't figure out which file doing that. You have any guess?

  • @Aurora11
    In "popcycle.dat" - could the number under column "#Scenario" specify the number of peds expected to participate in scenario for that particular area? - purely guessing, I didn't test it.

  • @mcdim Thank you very much :) I will test it :3

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