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7 character license plate size

  • The real California license plates have only 7 characters and of course their size is also made to fit 7 letters and numbers. Well I can change my license plate to 7 character in game but because of the size of the plates are made for 8 character instead, it's looking kinda annoying that there is an open space left for 1 character :(

    Is there a mod that reduces the size of license plate to hold only 7 character? or maybe a mod that is increasing the text size or spaces between the characters so the 8th character being invisible?

  • @Aurora11 I know, it's annoying how odd numbers of character don't get centered.

  • @Aurora11 I messed around with license plates a long time ago. I think the actual character limit is hardcoded, but You do can play with the spaces. You need to edit "carcols.ymt" in OIV. Find the license plate part there and play with the values.

  • @HRH Oh. I see. Thank you very much, I will have a look at it :D

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