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Hey you! Help me!

  • Hey, y'all :)

    I've been wanting to get into modding for quite some while now but never got the chance but now's the time.
    So here's the setup. My Girlfriend and I play on an RP Server on FiveM and she always complains how she can't find any clothes that she likes and or how she can't wear the Sons of Anarchy west (That's the Gang we both joined) that we all been wearing since joining. (And the Server owner told me the problem is apparently that the Vest is only for Male Playermodels and not for Female one. Idk if that's right if anyone got a fix for that pls let me know.)
    So I thought to myself why not make her some yourself. The problem is that I'm a complete nooby and never done any Modding or shit like that.
    I tried looking up some tutorials on how to make your own clothes for GTA 5 but haven't found anything helpful.
    So this is where you guys come in! I'd really appreciate it if you all good leave some Tipps or Guides or anything that might help me to get started bc I have a lot of questions.
    For example: What software do I use?
    How can I make my own clothes?
    How can I edit existing ones?
    How do I get it on a Server once it's done?

    Anything would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance have a Great Day!

  • @TheBaithooven Very sorry for not being able to help you much because I have never done one myself either.

    I got only some small infos i can give, hoping it helps with some part.

    I see people are using the software called zmodeler. Unfortunately it's a paid one but I think there is a free trial too.

    As for editing, I can only help with texture edits unfortunately :/ That's the only thing I know.
    I have a feeling you meant how to make it avaliable for female models as well by saying how to edit but if you meant texture edit by any chance I can help with that.

    OpenIV is required to browse through game files and open some of them. You can get it here: https://openiv.com/
    The files that have .ytd extension are the ones holding textures in it. You can open them by using OpenIV.
    Gonna need Photoshop to be able to edit the textures and need Intel's dds plugin to be able to open dds files with Photoshop. Here is a link for that: http://gametechdev.github.io/Intel-Texture-Works-Plugin/

    If you want to make something invisible in the texture, you can add Alpha channel to it. Although to be able to make Alpha channel work, the texture needs to have Alpha Shader in it. I don't know how make Alpha Shader however :( Fortunately though most of the textures have Alpha Shaders in them already.
    To add Alpha channel, first select the part on the outfit. Then right click on your selection and use Select Inverse. After that your can select Channels form right and use "Save selection as new channel" button.

    alt text

    So basically the way you work with this Alpha channel thingy is, you see the color slider on top right when you click on the Alpha channel.
    The areas you paint with black color are invisible, areas you paint with white color is visible. I didn't use it but painting to grey makes it half visible transparent.

    alt text

    As for saving, there are basically 2 formats you can save it. To know should you either use DXT1 or DXT5, you can check the texture on OpenIV. It shows it's format. If it's A6... you can save it as DXT1 too.
    If your texture has Alpha channel, you need to save it as DXT5 because DXT1 doesn't save the alpha information. Also I have seen some mods that have texture files that show up as DXT1 format in OpenIV but still have alpha channel. When I extract them however I don't see any alpha channel. So if you come accross textures like that, you need to add the alpha channel yourself and make the necessary part invisible and save as DXT5.

    Texture Type: Color means DXT1 format
    Texture Type: Color + Alpha means DXT5 format.
    Also don't forget to use Auto Generate option at Mip Maps. Otherwise your texture file can lose the quality and you can see sharp edges.

    alt text
    alt text

    Unfortunately this is all I know about outfits :/ I'm very sorry I couldn't be much of a useful but at least if your girlfriend finds a cloth one day she likes but doesn't like a spesific part, you can make that part invisible or change the color or add some additional textures like words and pictures you can see on clothes. Like this one;

    alt text

  • As a free alternative to Photoshop, you could use GIMP to create the images, which supports DDS out-of-the-box. Here is a tutorial:

    (uses GIMP at around 2:17)

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