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game crash after cop arrives in los santos

  • game crash after cop arrives in los santos only not in other places no mods related police i dont know can anyone help me please i reinstalled 3 times

  • @kranthikumar43
    I'm presuming you mean when a police vehicle turns up?

    If so, syntax check your 'vehicles.meta' files that contain police vehicles:

    Easy way to find syntax errors:
    If you use 'Edit' (right-click file>'Edit' or 'Ctrl+Enter') to open a file using OpenIV, a '[</> XML]' button will appear at the top when you are in the file. Tap that button & OpenIV will check the file for syntax errors & take you to where it thinks the error is if it finds one. After you fix the error, hit the '[</> XML]' button again to check there isn't more than one & then '[Save]' the file (bottom right). :thumbsup:
    Note: OpenIV will now also notify you of syntax errors when you attempt to '[Save]' a file after editing it.

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