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Notifications for every comment under my upload? (Don't need to tag me)

  • Hey @administrators
    I always have the problem that some people that are was new here just don't tag my username if they comment any question under my old mods that i am not checked every day up.
    The problem here is, i wan't to reply fast to any question and that can be simply solved by getting a notification like for ex. "thegtaplayer897 comment under your Ultimate Green Screen mod"

    Just like on YT. simple and useful! Isn't it?

  • I vote YES! it would be very Useful

  • @Frazzlee And add a "Mark all notifications read" button. The forums site has but the main site doesn't.

  • @Frazzlee Yes it does.

  • @Frazzlee i meant , yes it does. i agree with you.

  • @FoxtrotDelta @Frazzlee I never noticed that, LOL

  • @Frazzlee @TobsiCred or just do a unfollow comments button like on YT where we can disable notifications for some conversations

  • @rappo Any word to this?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman I like the idea and to be honest the only reason why it's not there right now is because it will take some additional work to group notifications so you don't get spammed. For example, if 20 people comment on your mod while you're sleeping, it will be so messy to have 20 notifications in your list. They'll have to be grouped, and that functionality isn't there yet. I'll try to work on it soon.

  • @rappo Ok thank you! Like i said above here, a unfollow comments notifications button could be useful for this kind of situation.
    Or filter the comments on how old the last comment is, you know? If i don't look on some old mod uploads, and someone comment there, then the notification needs to be reactivated.

  • @rappo Hey rappo, whats the new state about this feature? Any news? Let me know :)

  • Just still waiting like a baby...

  • @Frazzlee Oh yea, this would be also a good solution to combine the single comment notifications into 1

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