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DLC cars disappearing in SP?

  • I edited the original popgroup file and added some DLC cars. When I play I see some of them nicely driving in the traffic but out of nowhere they dissapear when I are near to them. What is happenin? I had this problem never before. Has this anything to do with the new Script Hook update?

    If so, isn't weird because I didn't use any specific mod, I just edited the popgroup file.

  • @PatrickBateman
    Are they the newest dlc cars that are disappearing? If so, try installing a trainer that is updated for the latest patch & has some sort of dlc despawning fix included.
    You shouldn't have to actually use the trainer, just install it & go back to using your normal trainer (Menyoo I presume, as it hasn't been updated since end of 2019).

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks for your message. I installed this 70s traffic mod > https://nl.gta5-mods.com/misc/the-seventies-1970-s-era-traffic-mod
    Its just a popgroup that leaves only classic cars in the map, nothing special. I added some classic DLC cars into the file to get more variety. When I play I see, I think, the newer one dissapearing.

    I already installed Menyoo trainer but that didn't solve it, when I spawned a newer DLC car I guess it goes away after a few seconds.

    Edit: Omg thank dude, I installed Simple Trainer and it worked, they dont disappear. Thanks m8.

  • @PatrickBateman
    I meant install a different & newer trainer, Menyoo will not fix this as it has not been updated (on this site at least) since Sept 2019. You need to install another trainer that has been updated very recently :thumbsup: (Simple Trainer or Rampage Trainer are you're best bets).

    Just clocked your edit. nice one :thumbsup:

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