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How to replace a GTA5 character head with my 3d Scan head

  • I have a 3d scan of my self.(also i have a rigged character).i want to replace gta5 stock character bankman face with my face. How i do this. I tried many times but some time my game crash.some time head was in back of character moving freely with character.

    My procedure:(check where is the fault)

    1. I made 3d scan from blender using face builder tool.
      2: export it in fbx and obj format
      3: then i export bankman ydd,skel,texture open format files from open iv
      4:i rename the ig_bankman.skel file to ig_bankman FULL.skel
      5:then i import all files in 3d max 2016 by using gimps tool
      6: character was successfully imported then i import my head.fbx to 3d max i resize it to fix in character.i convert it to editable mash

    7: i rename the head to head_000_r_high and then i remove the orignal head mash
    8: i go to the block view and i attached the new head_000_r_high to skel where the old head was attached.
    9: when i export it. in open iv viewer its look fine but when i load in gta5 my game was crashed

    10: in (6) step i imported fbx.now i try head.obj and i was done all the above mentioned steps again.but this time my games was not crash but my face was in the back of bankman. Front was empty

    I am not professional at 3d max or in character replacement.i can't find any single tutorial about 3d max gta5 character replacement. I need your help

    Can you please tell me where is the problem.which step i missed.

    And as i mentioned i have rigged model which is from sketch lab.any guide to put it in gta5 in easy way

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