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[SCRIPT][Released] Dogfight — Local War Zone Mod

  • Want to start a war in GTA 5? This mod is for you.

    The following models are involved: Aircraft carrier group with support ships and submarine, tanks, APC, bombers, fighter jets, attack helicopters, cargo planes, cargo helicopters, LCAC, all with cargo, all controlled by NPC with their scenarios specific to the class of vehicle. Both player and NPC, planes take-off, and landing, bombers drop bombs on you. You can spawn in a cargo plane or helicopter and drop in the vehicle from the cargo bay with a parachute or walk inside the cargo bay while plane is on autopilot. Radar shows active missiles, all tanks, helicopters, and aircraft. There are NPC who support the player and play against the other NPC. It has IR flares, bomber mode with four different bomb types and three camera modes, afterburners on all jets, fire extinguishing on the engine, you can refuel jet in flight. All weapons range increased, vehicles can sustain more damage, all vehicles have parachute.

    Carrier and support ships have air defense; you can operate carrier elevators, bay door, roll-up doors, garage doors. Carrier has working catapults, and deflector shields, funnels. It can drop anchor and raise it, all controlled by the player. You can drive a carrier.

    There are few spawn sequences for the carrier:
    Deck fighter jets spawn in the cargo bay. Airtug with worker gets them to the elevator; the elevator goes up to the deck, pilot drives to catapult, deflector shield goes up, deck air worker gives the go-ahead, the plane takes off with catapult and vapor. All above for player and NPC.
    You can spawn in a tank in the cargo bay, and the driver would drive to the elevator, get down the elevator and board the LCAC.

    I'm looking for people who'd like to play and provide feedback.

    Model authors: El Creador (Thank you for all the help with the carrier!), ApacheSS, CANAL EMBRAER GTA, Dragon777, fantazer_rnd, FoxtrotDelta, Foxunitone, JohnMc, Hong Yi Team, Motors Garage, nathanjamesddg151, Stripemcr, Shadow Stormtrooper, SkylineGTRFreak, Voltrock.

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