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Mods folder question (Need quick help)!

  • Hi guys. My question is simple and I'd really appreciate an answer as soon as possible. It would help me a lot.

    I've been using a bunch of add-on cars for a while now. Just today, I came across this video -

    I was really surprised by one thing - At 3:07 in the video, the guy says the standard thing we all learned when we first started modding - to copy the whole ''update'' folder into the ''mods'' folder in order to begin modding your game. All clear there. However, when he copies it and opens up the ''dlcpacks'' folder at 3:46, he only has a few folders in there, most of them being modded ones. He doesn't have all the ''dlcpacks'' folders that are in the original unmodded ''dlcpacks'' folder. Why is that? At first I thought he has the older version of the game, but at 5:27 he opens up the dlclist.xml file and it shows that he indeed has an up to date dlcpacks folder.

    When I first started modding, my understanding was that I needed to copy the whole ''dlcpacks'' folder into the mods folder and that I needed to have the whole content of the ''dlcpacks'' folder inside my mods folder. Am I missing something here? If I'm only using add-on mods and no replace mods, does that mean I can delete all the standard original folders inside my ''dlcpacks'' folder in my mods folder, such as ''Patchday17ng'' etc.? Will all my add-on mods work properly that way too? Nothing will get broken? Because I have a bunch of add-ons so I don't want to screw anything up.

    I'm asking primarily because of space issue. Why would I have 30+ GB of original folders sitting in my mods folder if they don't need to be there? Someone please clarify.

  • @BrianThompson said in Mods folder question (Need quick help)!:

    can delete all the standard original folders inside my ''dlcpacks'' folder in my mods folder, such as ''Patchday17ng'' etc.?

    Yes. You only need to copy into the 'mods' folder the '.rpf' archives (with the correct folder stuctures obvs) that you mod/change in some way.
    Anything in the 'mods' folder that is the same as vanilla can be deleted & your game will run exactly the same as before :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Oh man, thank you so much! This will save me a lot of space!

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