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Changes to ped ymt file

  • I'm using this mod to put together a pack of addon clothes and it works perfectly except for the part where I'm trying to take out redundant slots for heads, torso, and masks as I don't have any addon drawables to those components. When I make changes to the ymt file it does take out the proper slots that I changed but as a result none of the addon drawables for all the other components actually show up in game so I'm kind of stumped as to what I might be doing wrong here.
    The original working bit where I made the changes:
    Changes I made: alt text
    I simply deleted the <Item> drop down for the respective slots I didn't need and swapped out unnecessary hash numbers with 255.
    It seems like even the slightest change in ymt files breaks everything such when I also tried to change one value of a drawable from "1" to "17" it did the same thing.

  • Solved

  • @Chaotropy May I ask how did you solved it if it's not too long and boring for you to write? :/ I'm trying to add 1 more outfit to my addon ped's Torso category but I just got no idea what to do in it's ymt :(

    I have looked at some guides but the hashes they provided in the guide don't exist in that ymt so I'm lost there :/

  • @Aurora11 I was using the wrong tool for ymt conversion as Meta Toolkit corrupts the ymt so instead you should use Codewalker's RPF explorer to import/export xml and edit it how you like.

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