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Installed car mods didn't show up

  • I installed the BMW i8 and Nissan Skyline mods according to the ReadMe, but it didn't show up in simple trainer. Also, there is no search result for those cars. What should I do?

  • @Starki
    Link to the BMW i8 & Skyline mods you downloaded & I'll take a look. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I took the most popular ones https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-bmw-i8 and https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-skyline-gt-r-bnr34-yca-y97y I just tested how to add mods on this two, I actually wanna install more.

  • @Starki
    Right, first, are you using a 'mods' folder? (I notice neither of those vehicle instructions happen to mention a 'mods' folder in their instructions or install file path examples).
    You 100% want to use a 'mods' folder & install all your mods into it instead of overwriting vanilla game files. Never, like never, mod your vanilla files & you will always have them in the main game folder as a backup if things go wrong.

    'mods' folder:
    If you don't have a 'mods' folder set up, start there, have a read of this post (& the link there in) & set one up. Google will help there too.

    Next, become familiar with how 'dlclist.xml' works

    Once you have a 'mods' folder set up, this is the file path to the 'dlclist.xml' you will use to install dlc's:


    In a lot of add-on vehicle downloads you will see instructions to install lines to 'extratitleupdatedata.meta'. Ignore those instructions completely, they are not needed & are only ever a throwback to a misunderstanding of early modders as to what was required to get an add-on to work.
    'extratitleupdatedata.meta' is only used by Rockstar so that they can update small parts of their official dlcpacks without you having to download the whole pack again. Modded add-on's will never be updated via Rockstar's official update methods (or any other remote method), so just skip them & save yourself the time. :thumbsup:

    Installing a vehicle add-on dlc basics:
    They all follow the same basic procedure:

    • Open the download
    • Take the add-on named folder directly above the 'dlc.rpf' & place it in this folder:


    so the folder structure to the 'dlc.rpf' looks like this:

    Example ('66fastback' add-on dlc example, different add-ons will have different names etc):


    • Add the provided dlcpacks line into 'dlclist.xml' as per instructions in 'dlclist.xml' link above.

    Example (bottom of 'dlclist.xml'):

    • That's all that is required
    • Load the game & spawn the vehicle by the name provided ('i8' & 'skyline' in your case) using your trainer of choice.

    Once you've got your 'mods' folder set up, test spawning the vehicles & if you're still having issues, give me a shout & we will investigate further :thumbsup:

  • Hmmmm, strange! Seems like I did it all right, except for "Ignore those instructions completely". I'll check it again later and will let you know how it goes.

  • @Starki

    If you are still having issues after checking your work:

    Once you have your 'mods' folder set up (if you don't already) download this Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Coupe [Add-On / OIV | Tuning] 1.2 & install it (to the mods folder, option in '.oiv' install dialogue) using the 'RmodCustoms_AMGGT63S.oiv' in the download.
    It will install everything required for the car to spawn automatically & if it spawns (using the name 'rmodgt63') will confirm whether everything is set up correctly & nothing else is stopping add-ons from spawning etc :thumbsup:

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