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online characters

  • i want my online character add to 5mod. anyone help me.

  • @tonzza95 I have tried so many ways to port my online character to singleplayer, even tried using the mods at the online, tried Skin Ripper mod too. but none of those works unfortunately :/ You most most probably need to create it yourself from the beginning with something like Skin Control.

    I have managed to get my character's component values by using Skin Ripper mod but those values are just sitting there and I got no idea at all what the hell I'm gonna do with them. Tried manually editing a saved outfit with Menyoo and added those values but there are still some being missed and it's not giving the exact look of my character.

    Only the clothes same, but face is totally different...

  • If you want to play as a freemode player in story mode you can use this: https://github.com/XmYsTiFieD/FreemodePlayer

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