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How to increase the peds to use scenario spots?

  • I'm mentioning like sitting on chairs, laying down on beach, sitting on wall/bench and eat/drink.. Things like that.

    or at least does anyone know which file controls it? Redux has that thingy, I'm seeing lots of npcs sitting on benches, chairs and doing stuff but don't know which file makes it actually happen. and I don't wanna fully use it since it comes with too many things and not all of them I'm fan of. but would be great to have that file and copy it to my game because come on dude. The Starbucks near the Eclipse tower at Beverly Hills area fully empty..... Like ok there are some npcs hanging around it but no one sitting...... No one sitting in a place that I am suffering a great deal of trouble to find 1 empty chair you know.. Not cool man, not cool at all... :/

  • Any idea yet? :D

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