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How change NPC reaction to last dead enemy in shootout

  • How can i change NPC (gang, cop) reaction to last dead enemy in shootout. Im not sure wich mod changes this, but seeing whole neighborhood aiming on dead body and acting, using lines like he is still alive is weird and unrealistic :D I think it changes some file in AI/ but im not sure which...anyone who knows? :)

    alt text

  • There exists a native that can be used to adjust this.

    void SET_COMBAT_FLOAT(Ped ped, int combatType, float p2)
    combatType of 12 = TimeToInvalidateInjuredTarget.

    I am unsure if these values exists in some file and can be edited (they probably do), but they can be adjusted via a script.

  • @mcal9909 That looks like another solution, well i just found classic solution with <TimeToInvalidateInjuredTarget value="x.x"/> in combatbehaviour.meta file and its working. There was like high values 30 even 180 for SWAT.. i think purpose is that enemies stay longer in area, but in many shootouts this on image happen and i cant take that :D

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