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GTA (epic games version) keeps crashing, and I have no idea why.

  • I downloaded the latest Scripthook V and Scripthook V Dot Net, and that still didn't fix it. I can start the game up, but after I click story mode, the game loads for a while then suddenly shuts off. My game is modded, but they all worked before today, though I haven't played since June.
    Could it be a problem with the mods or scripthook, or is it something else. Please help.

    Also, I couldn't find the log files for GTA, so I don't know what might be causing the issues.

  • Try lowing your setting if it does not work download
    Heap Limit Adjuster:
    Packfile Adjuster

    If you need any more help let me know will surely try to help

  • @Nandan07 Actually, I had those already. I found out the problem though. I didn't know you had to update the update.rpf folder in Open IV when the game updates. After updating it, the game works. Thank you for trying to help though.

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