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What is that weird snowy kind of stuff over in the northeast of the map, in the foresty bit, and is there a mod to remove it?

  • There's like spores or something flying around in the air in that one part of the map. Is there a mod to remove it?
    EDIT: Paleto Forest in the northwest.

  • @mrwallace888
    Got a screenshot? (otherwise I just have to guess at which one of all of the ugly stuff it could be that I have already removed from the game :slight_smile:. No snowy spores in my game anywhere in Paleto Forest anyway)

  • @a63nt-5m1th Yeah. Here's a Lightshot screenshot.
    It's like some kind of dust or something around here that floats around here. Been wondering what that's supposed to be. But can you remove it?

  • @mrwallace888 said in What is that weird snowy kind of stuff over in the northeast of the map, in the foresty bit, and is there a mod to remove it?:

    But can you remove it?

    Must be able to, I don't have any of it:

    No Snowy Spores

    Get me a closer zoomed in pic of it, with the sniper rifle etc :thumbsup:

    Also, try turning MSAA up to 2x (or more) & see if they go away?

  • @a63nt-5m1th Strange. Maybe it just depends on the weather. I use Extra Sunny during the mid day. Try using that.

  • @mrwallace888
    Will do :thumbsup:

  • @mrwallace888

    Nope, nothing:

    No Spores Sunny

    Try MSAA x4 :thumbsup: (set it in Documents 'settings.xml' '<MSAA value="4" />' then load game)

    If you have a Nvidia GPU & you're game can only handle 2x MSAA:

    Go into the Nvidia Control Panel > 'Manage 3D Settings' > 'Program Settings' tab > add GTAV.exe or select GTA V from the list > Once selected, scroll down & turn 'On' Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) (this will give you 2x MSAA performance with 4x MSAA look)

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    @mrwallace888 Pollen? Looks like thd texture for pollen, either enabled in the weather file or maybe timecycle file. Or just try removing the texture, not sure at the moment which file has it.

  • @InfiniteQuestion :thumbsup:

    Quick search, 'weather.xml',

    Worth a try :thumbsup:

        <diffuseSplashName>plankton</diffuseSplashName> <!-- plankton?! -->
        <windInfluence value="0.020000"/>
        <gravity value="0.02000000"/>

    Funny, earlier I thought it looked like plankton. Thought, 'nah, even Rockstar are not that dumb' so discounted it. lol

    I appear to still have it active in my game tho? Haven't knowingly edited any pollen settings, so if it's the cause, not sure why it's not appearing in my game?
    Doesn't appear to be set in any vanilla weather by default, so presume it's scripted in certain areas.
    @mrwallace888 Test it out & see anyway, let us know :thumbsup:

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    @mrwallace888 looking at the fxweather.ytd file and the pollen_render_drop.xml file, it says the pollen texture starts at the 3rd texture and ends at the 5th texture in the plankton texture. Either blank the plankton texture in paint or edit the render drop size min max to 0.

  • Since it's a lot more visible in my graphic setup, I wanted to share a photo of those. I mean probably not that necessary but why not. It's too clear lol

    alt text

    Also it doesn't appear instantly especially if you teleport there. Try driving around for a minute and they will start appearing like jellyfish eggs :D

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    @Aurora11 You have me curious now. I can change the animation of the pollen and what it looks like. But change it to what? Maybe change it to bugs?

  • @Aurora11 The real question is why you have a license plate that says "CATPOOP"
    Also how is that centered since it's only seven characters? Did you change something in FontExtents?

  • @InfiniteQuestion You might wanna try fireflies maybe if you can :D I mean they definetly don't appear on road especially at such densities but that would look totally tubular haha :D

    @mrwallace888 Yup. I have figured it out thanks to @HRH . I am doing some fine tuning to the plates at the moment and also doing a different variant for cars that has a thicker plateholders. It's because thick plateholders overlapping my modified custom values so I did a rough change for them to fit inside the holder plastic. Just doing my final fine tunings and will upload it to site tomorrow or F(S)unday.

    Must say though the plate is still have 8 characters but the last one is invisible (out of the plate frame).

    As for the plate itself, well it always looked so damn funny to me for an unknown reason LOL :DDDD

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    @mrwallace888 @Aurora11 Just made a new texture for the pollen. Cant get insects to work as the game doesnt animate the pollen, it spawns one texture then fades it. Got the road covered in ghost like butterflys that appear then disappear. Trying to get a slight mist effect to work right now, smoke and transparency is a bitch. On the other hand, I found a way to make ghosts haunt that road LOL

  • @Aurora11 said in What is that weird snowy kind of stuff over in the northeast of the map, in the foresty bit, and is there a mod to remove it?:

    Try driving around for a minute and they will start appearing like jellyfish eggs

    No sign of them in my game, just wondering how I disabled them if not through 'weather.xml'/'pollen_emitter_drop.xml''?! :thinking:
    Not a big deal anyway. Maybe removing an archetype extension in a '.ymap' years ago or something. They look annoying, far too obvious, would have been one of the first things I got rid of anyway, if/when I noticed them. :thumbsup:

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    @a63nt-5m1th If you want to confirm if they are truly gone, change in your render drop

    <sizeMinMax x="0.050000" y="0.050000" z="0.050000" w="0.050000" />

    Makes them very obvious, I had to look hard to see them

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    alt text

    Heres a better picture of whats going on. Ive increased the texture size, and added 6 new textures. Heres a demo of pollen replaced with numbers 1 through 8

    This doesnt seem to be controlled through the weather file as this only triggers in that area and only in certain weathers

    Snow, mist, and rain works in the same way. Its how I got high texture rain drops and mist

  • @Aurora11 Tell me what font extents you used so I can use them for my plates too.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Where tf is your head

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    @mrwallace888 I lost it one day in a very bad convertible accident. I thought i could make the clearance. My body and the car made it. If you see my head around Chiliad, will you let me know?

    I managed to get a size and texture i'm happy with. Looks more like dust in the wind now.

  • @InfiniteQuestion What about just removing it entirely?

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    @mrwallace888 Just blank the texture, or resize it in pollen_render_drop.xml. You will have to copy it manually to your mods folder. Common/Data/levels/gta5/weather/pollen_render_drop.xml

    <sizeMinMax x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" w="0.000000" />

  • @InfiniteQuestion I don't have a render drop, just a firefly one

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    @mrwallace888 In your base game files (not mods) in your Common/Data/levels/gta5/weather folder you will find all the pollen files. Copy them to the mods directories Common/Data/levels/gta5/weather

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