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What is that weird snowy kind of stuff over in the northeast of the map, in the foresty bit, and is there a mod to remove it?

  • @mrwallace888 <FontExtents x="0.01240000" y="0.36000000" z="1.13800000" w="0.81600000"/>

    Values not perfect yet, just some rough tries to get the basic. I didn't do the fine tuning. You can if you wish based on this. It also doesn't look identical at every vehicle, I need to work on that as well to find an optimized state for different plate types.

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    @mrwallace888 Look in your COMMON folder, not your UPDATE\UPDATE.RPF\COMMON

    Common.rpf is your base files (Look Here)
    Update\update.rpf is your updated base files
    Update\update.rpf\x64 is the updated versions of your x64a - x64w folders

  • @mrwallace888


    Alternatively, OpenIV > Ctrl+F3 > Search in 'mods folder only' for 'pollen_render_drop.xml'

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    @a63nt-5m1th @mrwallace888 Unless you have a mod that has already modified the 2 pollen files, there won't be any. Mrwallace888 is correct that he only sees firefly in the update folder. Most of the files have never been updated since release, hence why you would only find the pollen files outside of your mods folder in the common folder and not the update folder.

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    My pic points to the one in 'common.rpf' :thumbsup:

    Figure you probably have 'common.rpf' in your 'mods' folder (most people do, given there are so many widely used un-updated files in there), but if not, just copy it over from your game folder (it's only ~27MB) :thumbsup:

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    @a63nt-5m1th wait......your common folder is in your mods folder? Your common folder is your update folder, pretty sure anything in common just gets over written by update. Same with update.rpf\x64\textures is just the updated version of x64a\textures. When i mod fxweather.ytd, I don't put the mod into x64a but into the update folder.

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    If any one file exists (in the same/similar/correct directory path obvs) within 'common.rpf' & 'update.rpf' then the one in 'update.rpf' will be loaded by the game. If it doesn't exist within 'update.rpf' then the one in 'common.rpf' will be loaded instead.

    I have a full copy of every '.rpf' in my 'mods' folder whether it is modded or not, mostly so that every file shows up in a 'mods folder only' OpenIV Ctrl+F3 search & I don't have to do two different searches ('mods folder only', 'game folder only' etc) to find something or a 'search everywhere' & risk editing a vanilla file by accident (I do a lot of searches, helping people online etc).
    I also use 'common.rpf' as a kind of modded backup of 'update.rpf'. Just another place to get files from when things go wrong etc.
    Obviously, one could move files from 'common.rpf' etc into 'update.rpf' & leave 'common.rpf' vanilla, nothing wrong with that. :thumbsup: I think a lot of people end up with 'common.rpf' in their 'mods' folder because a lot of, especially older mods, install files there (copying vanilla locations), rather than installing to 'update.rpf'.

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    @a63nt-5m1th Using common folder as a back up folder is a very unique approach, i get it now. I got so many update.rpf folders I pull backups from all the time. Got to the point of modding I started converting my update.rpf into OIV installers. My timecycle OIV has come in handy in reverting changes quickly. Usually when i get game errors (or codewalker currupts my files AGAIN) I just run an OIV and solved.

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    Yeah, as many backups as possible is the best thing :thumbsup:, especially with either Windows or GTA V determined to destroy our hard work at every turn :rolling_eyes: .

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