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Anybody else have issues regarding snow in this game?

  • I have this weird bug I've had for years where when I set the weather to Christmas, it'll change the lighting and fog and stuff, and as I drive around it slowly transitions to Extra Sunny in terms of lighting and fog, and still be snowing. Then it'll randomly pop back into Christmas lighting and fog again. But yeah, it slowly gets brighter and sunny and then suddenly flashes back to how it was before, or if I switch to Extra Sunny weather then back to Christmas.

    I use frozen time and weather from Enhanced Native Trainer, by the way.

  • Yeah I noticed if I watched the sun, you can hardly see it and then over time it becomes visible. Strange.

  • @mrwallace888
    Best guess, freezing the time doesn't freeze the weather transitions fully (it's not designed to, I don't think, just freezes the time of day), so the start of the transition into Ex Sunny happens (not sure what the jumping back to xmas is all about tho)
    Snow & other vfx still play while the transition into the next weather is happening, that's normal behaviour for the game.

    What happens if you lock the weather to Xmas?

    ENT > World > Weather > Weather Settings > Freeze Weather

    That should lock it to Xmas & stop any transition happening :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th That's what I said. I have frozen weather and frozen time. If I activate Christmas again it doesn't fix it but if I switch to sunny and back it does.

  • @mrwallace888
    Hmmm? Not sure, the freeze weather setting has always worked perfectly for me, never once has it let a transition happen.

    Try it without freezing the time :thumbsup: (I've rarely used them both together)

    What version of ENT are you using?

    Bar using an old version of ENT on a new game or some sort of ENT freeze time/freeze weather incompatibility, I would begin to suspect one of your weather files has a syntax error in it (maybe 'weather.xml')

    I would syntax check all weather/timecycle related files:

    Easy way to find syntax errors:
    If you use 'Edit' (right-click file>'Edit' or 'Ctrl+Enter') to open a file using OpenIV, a '[</> XML]' button will appear at the top when you are in the file. Tap that button & OpenIV will check the file for syntax errors & take you to where it thinks the error is if it finds one. After you fix the error, hit the '[</> XML]' button again to check there isn't more than one & then '[Save]' the file (bottom right). :thumbsup:
    Note: OpenIV will now also notify you of syntax errors when you attempt to '[Save]' a file after editing it.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Nope, nothing. Other weathers work fine, but I get this bug with Christmas, Blizzard, and other snowy weathers.

    No idea why it does this, I've had this bug for several years, even on my old PC.

    And I have the latest version of ENT. It did it even when I first used it back in 2016.


    try using a different trainer to change weather

  • @mrwallace888
    Do what @Reacon suggests & eliminate ENT as a variable by trying another trainer to freeze time/weather.
    Also, if you like, you can send me a link to your 'weather.xml' & timecycle folder (& everything in it) & I'll download them & test the outcome in my game. :thumbsup:
    I can confirm that it does not happen in my game (just double-checked & tested the now).

  • @a63nt-5m1th I mentioned this to Zemanez and Slash_Alex.
    Slash_Alex spotted a nasty bug after recreating my issue! And he said he knows how to fix it!

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