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Car sounds

  • Hi i have several cars that once in sounds like a broken washing machine any ideas why this is happening and any fixes??

  • @Xmodz
    Nah, never heard of that before. I take it you mean the engine sounds like a broken washing machine?
    If so, I would start by changing the 'audioNameHash' line in 'vehicles.meta' to another vehicle & see if it's the same:

    'audioNameHash' line example format:


    Otherwise, there are vehicle related sounds in this '.awc':


    Perhaps have a listen through them, see if any sound like it? Mute them if so etc.

    A video, or even an audio recording of the sound might help. I've worked on tweaking vehicle related sounds a lot, so might recognise it. If it's not the engine causing it, you can set the audioNameHash line in 'vehicles.meta' to a dlc vehicle, then remove the line for that dlc in 'dlclist.xml' to silence the engine to hear the sound better, if required.

    Most likely just affecting your game, but maybe link to a few of the vehicles that it happens with, so I can take a look at them anyway :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th how do i add a video??

  • @Xmodz
    Upload it to youtube & post a link to it:

    The link will convert to video screen thing like that^ after you post it (not GTA 6 by the way, clickbait vid (not mine), GTA V with GTA IV modded map).

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