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Modded car model spawns when in impact?

  • Im sure other have had this issue as i have had it for a long time in my modding of this game. The problem is a lot of times with certain modded cars i will impact something or the ai will hit a wall with a modded car like police2 and will instantly spawn a blown up shell version of the car model itself? what causes this and can it be fixed?

  • @yellowboy06
    Usually incorrect 'vehicles.meta' settings, usually only happens to people who replace a vehicle without copying over the 'vehicles.meta' data as well.
    Might happen if the vehicle is glitched in some way, but for a decent model that isn't broken, it's usually 'vehicles.meta' related.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks! They didn't come with vehicles.meta dont think so. I will try with another I dont like using ones that require meta edits as it is time consuming and can cause problem if i want to remove the car later. Also i noticed in your post on this https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/20869/so-many-identical-cars-in-the-traffic/21 did you ever find a solution and can you provide a file possibly to fix that problem? the only solution i found sort of was a script that injects different cars into the game but was quite buggy and spawned strange cars like tanks etc. if you have a modded file that solves the traffic variety issue please lmk. I only replaced police cars and one taxi and already noticing issues of variety.

  • @yellowboy06
    You could try increasing the 'VehicleVarietyMultiplier' value in 'settings.xml' (the one in your Documents folder)

    Otherwise, you would need to edit the 'vehicles.meta's in the game using the info in this post, until you solve any issues you have with traffic variety.
    The solution will be unique to your game, no way to easily provide files for it. You would have to work through it restricting cars that appear too much/increasing the frequency of cars that hardly appear until you find a balance you like.

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    @yellowboy06 It all depends on different settings, but I have an OIV installer that goes through every vehicle.meta and makes all cars with identical spawn rates. Doesnt change much from vanilla other than cleaning up the code for easier changes.

    Easy way to make mass changes to your games vehicles if you use notepad++ rename all functions


  • @InfiniteQuestion I tried doing somethings like agent smith suggested in the old thread link and didnt seem to help at all. still loads of biffs dump trucks etc. and ive no clue how to use notepad++. if you have found a solution to the variety and make it much better plz provide a file. i dont have any other meta edits really aside from a few tiny ones in police cars.

  • this issue really ruins the modding for the game for me. and the new issue i noticed where police will be driverless sometimes

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    @yellowboy06 Rebuild your mods folder file by file. Not as hard as it sounds, but ya if don't already have backups its hard to find out where the problem is. Heres my steps to locate an unkown issue.

    1. Remove mods folder making a backup copy of both the mods folder itself and the contents of the update.rpf file. Does problem persist?
    2. Use openiv to recreate the mods folder. Add all directories manually from inside your mods folder backup using windows explorer except the update.rpf and any x64a through x64w . Does problem persist?
    3. Add all your x64a through x64w. Does problem persist?
    4. So now you should have a full mod directory working except your update.rpf. Now add only your gameconfig of choice and readd one by one your dlclist. Does problem persist?
    5. So you got a working game, now lets add the update.rpf\dlc_patch folder and test. Does the problem persist?
    6. Now lets try adding the update.rpf\x64 folder and test. Does the problem persist?
    7. Now last slowly add the contents of the update.rpf but only the files in common\data folder (not the folders inside the data folder). Does the problem persist?
    8. Readd each folder inside of the update.rpf\common\data folder. If your problem hasnt been found at this point, start with the levels folder then ai and continue on til you have found the problem.
    9. If you havent found the problem yet, congratulations then you should have a fully working game. If the problem still continues, keep your mods folder but try removing scripts. If it still doesn't work move on to asi. If you still can't find the source of your problem, call a priest.

  • well there is no problem i fixed the original problem lol as must be a bad model to cause the issues when exloding. the issue now is always the variety of traffic and to many same trucks and cars. settings.xml did help a bit i think but now there is so many box trucks and others i see over and over. not to mention i have an issue where some police will spawn without a driver. this has stopped me from enjoying the game as it seem i did everything perfect but the games doesnt like mods

  • @yellowboy06
    Set this for problem vehicles that spawn too much:

          <identicalModelSpawnDistance value="500" /> 
          <maxNumOfSameColor value="1" /> 
          <frequency value="30" />
          <maxNum value="1" />

    maybe lower the 'identicalModelSpawnDistance' value or raise the 'frequency' value if you never see them after that.

    For the empty police vehicles, maybe try Dispatch Ghost Fix

  • @a63nt-5m1th Think i did try some of those edits but didnt make to much a difference. Not sure if you think this mod will help
    and setting settings.xml vehicle variety to 1.4?

  • Unless of course you've edited the vehicles.meta already and saved it somewhere with the most possible variety? Im not handy with n++

  • @yellowboy06
    Generally, this is how modding works for GTA V, fix something, cause another problem, fix that, cause another problem, fix that also... continue until no more problems.

    Every modded game is different, the only way you are going to know for sure if anything works is to test it out :thumbsup:
    I can't share my 'vehicles.meta's with you as it would undoubtedly break you game. I have different vehicles installed & have made select edits to some of them that would not work unless the exact same replace vehicles were installed. It would simply cause more problems than you already have.

    The secret to a sublime GTA V modded experience is balance, everything finely tuned to work together with other settings/parts of the game. Only you can find that balance (by tweaking settings/values until you get what you want).
    @InfiniteQuestion's advice above about rebuilding your 'mods' folder is worth following, it could be that you have broken the spawning with an edit you have made & to get anywhere you'll need to find & fix it or at least eliminate it as a variable & give yourself the confidence to know that the edits you make from that point on will work correctly.
    As he says, it's much easier to rebuild your 'mods' folder than you might think, you could get it done in a day. Just keep a backup of what you have so you can easily access any modded file & make sure you syntax check everything that you put into the new 'mods' folder :thumbsup:

  • Yes the modding is very finicky. The game does like replacements, doesnt like more peds, etc. now i am getting ctd usually after 10 or 20 mins. Im thinking might be related to gameconfig with 1.5x peds and vehicles? I really diddnt add much more besides popcycle and couple police replacements?

  • Problem is the vanilla game works good but is so much worse lol

  • @yellowboy06
    All depends on the specific crash message. Trying a few different gameconfigs would be the easiest place to start.
    If you are replacing vanilla vehicles this thread is worth a read.

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