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GTA5 Bike mod (for smart trainers)

  • Hi, Newbie her so if this a stupid question apologies in advance. I want to download the mod to enable me to actually ride my own bike in GTA 5. Have all the hardware, bike, smart trainer etc but I want to use a Linux based op system as I am having green screen and blue screen death issues with windows 10. Can it be done or have I got to get windows installed? Thank you.


    First you need to get GTA V to run on Linux. I suppose you use Steams' Proton? If that works, it's worth a try just installing mods normally and see how things end up.

  • No not yet. I built my pc and it took 12 attempts to get win 10 loaded. I then downloaded GTA5 via Epic , tried to launch and I am getting .dll issues everywhere and bsod and gsod. I've done all the usual things, drivers etc but cannot get in at all now. I normally get rid of windows altogether on Laptops and use either Ubuntu or Mint and just assumed (because I have only seen it done on windows) that this mod would only work on windows and as I have built this pc purely for Zwift and this mod for winter training with my bike I have no idea as to what is the best gaming linux op. My gaming has always been Playstations not pc so all new to me :confused:


    If it's a system you built, you might want to make sure it's stable first before trying stuff.

    This is general PC (building) advice though. What are the specs of the system you put together?

    1. Make sure your power supply is powerful enough to power the system
    2. Make sure the CPU cooler is mounted properly and not too much/not too little thermal paste/goo is used.
    3. Make sure your RAM isn't faulty, run memtest86 or something to check for RAM stability.

  • You won't be able to run most script mods via Wine/Proton. A few other people have tried it, and could only get a select few mods to work. The only one that works that I can remember off the top of my head is the default trainer that comes with Script Hook V.

  • @jabber26 Just a quick little heads up. If you meant bicycles by saying "bike", the simple answer for you is not to bother. Because every bicycle mod that is replacing a vanilla bicycle model crashing the game and I have yet to find any working one still.. Trying to suffice with painjobs instead :/

    If you meant motorbikes, then I can suggest you to buy the gta from Steam and trying running that one with your Win 10. Maybe and hope so it works. If not, then you can easily refund it anyway.

    Also, have you tried any other heavy games by any chance? Are they working fine?
    dll issues I believe caused by DirectX problems. You might wanna try to download the DirectX.
    and if you have a file called dxgi.dll in your GTA folder, delete that one. The Win 10 versions after Anniversary Edition causing games to crash if that file is present in it's directory. I don't know did those Microsoft morons fixed it with the latest version of Windows but I was having my Fallout 4 and Skyrim crashing because of that at the Creator's Update and for the record mudcraps are smarter than those morons.

  • Hi guys thanks for all the replies. Ok ikt, system is now stable it was a RAM stick issue, so I have now got a working windows 10 installed...happy days :joy: I bought gta5 off Steam, got it downloaded and then downloaded the mod off here plus the other two bits that were needed. (Script hook) And that's where it all went wrong. I followed all instructions and the base mod works when I press f4 but as soon as I press f5 to activate the bike mod (bicycle) for connection with a smart trainer the drop down menu flashes rapidly along with the select back buttons in the bottom right hand of the screen. The rest of the picture/display is stable so not a fps issue although I did drop it down to 50fps just in case. I can press select to activate the mod as instructed and it then tells me the bike mod is activated but I do not get the bike(when working it puts you on a bike in full cycling kit) This mod has been around now since may and I have loads of cycling nut friends who are using this without issue. They are not tecchy so have no idea as to why mine is playing up. I have asked the facebook group specifically set up to answer any questions but they are at a loss as well although someone suggested a mod manager or change the hotkey. I too am not software savvy, building them is no problem...but software is a nightmare mod manager and hotkey change I understand but have no idea what to do. Any ideas or offers of help greatly appreciated.:thumbsup:

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