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How to find vehicle .yft corresponding textures on .ytd ?

  • I have some colors inside a vehicle I would like to change, but the .ytd file has at least 20 different files, does anyone know a fast way to check which file corresponds to a specific area of the car, without having to change all files one by one.

    This is an example, but I would like to know a better way to find corresponding files so I can edit faster.

    Thank you.

  • @Filipe-Vieira
    Some vehicles also pull textures from 'vehshare' '.ytd's.

    Vehshare textures are shared between many/all vehicles, so be careful editing them in place. A better option is to find out what texture in vehshare a vehicle uses & then copy that texture (without changing the name) directly into the vehicle's '.ytd'. That specific vehicle will then use the version of that texture in it's '.ytd', rather than the one in vehshare.

    To figure out if a texture is in the vehicle's '.ytd' or 'vehshare/vehshare_worn/vehshare_army/vehshare_truck' etc, open the '.yft' with OpenIV's Model Viewer & then one by one hit the little white '[ - ]'s to the right of the green texture names (at the bottom right, under 'Using textures:'):



    That will remove them temporarily from the model viewer so you can tell what '.ytd' they are in (it doesn't save it, close & re-open the '.yft' to put it back to how you found it)

    As for finding individual textures in a '.ytd', there's probably no quicker way than changing the texture/s. Just keep a stockpile of easily recognisable & varied texture designs on hand, drop them into the 'ytd' replacing the originals (that look like they might be what you are looking for, match the same colour etc) & either load up the Model Viewer or more reliably, load the game & see what appears where (load the game for showing exactly how camo etc livery patterns sit on a vehicle for example, Model Viewer sometimes gets them wrong/shows different positions for '.yft/_hi.yft' etc).

    Once you find the right texture & if needed, use a texture like this to find the exact location you need to edit:

    Coloured Square Grid

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