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problem !!

  • i have a good spec but when i add cars mods the FPS is dropped please i ask for any solution :)

  • @SgtGodZilla568 I guess the problem are GTA V car mods with low quality, sadly over 50% of the car mods from here don't have any or pretty bad optimisation for the game, so the game can't handle it...

  • @Frazzlee
    It's not really the problem that the cars are so high quality, the problem is that the models use one very high quality model for all distances, default game cars all have 5 models, 1 model is displayed when you stand in front of it and the other 4 will be displayed when you get further away, like this https://i.imgur.com/gh353oF.gif not having these 4 additional stages of a model causes the game to lag or sometimes even crash, sadly documentation of this important steps is hard to find, It was hard for me finding any information at all.

  • @11john11 True. But if the vehicle doesn't have LODs it wouldn't show up on the distance.
    @SgtGodZilla568 Add-on vehicles don't lag my PC. What are your specs?

  • @Akila_Reigns That's not true, vehicles without LODs do show up in the distance, the only thing that disappears on models without LODs are the wheels though, for some reason

  • @Akila_Reigns
    i have GTX 950m (4gb)
    i7 4750
    i think that's a good spec to play gtv 5 in ultra and before add these mods my game doesn't lag and i play it in 1080p fps (67-43) in utras quality !!

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