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Please help me with one single problem that makes me insane

  • Hey guys, im not new to modding gta but there has been a problem i fixed back in the day which solution i forgot. I took 1 year break of GTA now im coming back trying to ADD clothes. But all i can make happen is Replace clothes, the clothes i add to x64v in the mods folder do not show up as a slot in any of the trainers. I tried a couple now. I also tried with a new gameconfig and limit adjuster but nothing works. I just totally forgot how i fixed it years back.

    Please help me with this annoying problem, all i want is add jewelry, clothes, shoes etc.

  • @Inadunai
    patchday##ng folders in dlcpacks perhaps?


    's_f_y_airhostess_01.ytd' also exists here:


    Best way is to use OpenIV's Ctrl+F3 search to search 'mods folder only' for 's_f_y_airhostess_01.ytd' etc & then replace the textures in the file that you find in the highest patchday##ng folder (if they exist there, if not replace them in 'x64v.rpf' etc).

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