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Save Scene for future use.

  • Hi guys! I am using custom island map for my machinima. Now I have various props placed for the scene. Is there any way to save and load those props, so that they can load at the same possition in custom map? And I can again use it for another scene.

    I am using menyoo and scene director.

    Thank you.

  • @Ppac If you have spawned the objects with Menyoo; go to Object Spooner -> Manage Saved Files -> Save Database to File.

    If you didn't spawn them with Menyoo, choose Save World to File instead.

    If you didn't spawned them with Menyoo but only want the spesific objects to be saved, then right click on the objects you want to save and select "Object in Database" at the top of the opened menu. Once you are done with this, select Save Databse to File :3

    have fun fren :)))

  • Hi @Aurora11 ..thank you for the response. I have saved the file to database and created xml file.

    Now how can I spawn that xml file on another location?

    I am using island.xml(mod) to spawn an island for my scene. And I want the objects in other xml to spawn on island. Thanx

  • @Ppac Oh. I don't know how can you move all of them at once unfortunately :/ but if you wish to do them one by one,

    You can go to Manage Entitiy Database under Object Spooner, select the object and use Bring Entity to Self option. Then you can manually move it to the place you wish. Apologize that's the only thing I know :/

  • @Aurora11 Thank you very much.This helped a lot.

  • @Ppac So happy to help fren :))

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