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helicopter rocket pods mirroring on Savage, adding vehicle weapon on vehicle with weapons, make helicopters use sub config to attack

  • So I have 3 things what I would like to solve.
    First> I would like to make Savage rockets shoot two missilesat once from two rocket pods. As well every rocket pod is scripted as to shoot once after shooting 4 rockets. I would like to make it shoot from two rocket pods, and then another two rocket pods. Is there any way how to do it?

    Second. I would like to add another vehicle weapon on vehicle but it doesnt show on hud of vehicle weapons.How can I make it work?

    Third one is most complicated. I would like to make AI with helicopters use mounted weapons and shoot on player or someone else. It appears they do not use sub handling for AI for the vehicle I wish to use. Is there any way how to make it work?I know about natives but Idont know how to use them or where to place the native commands. Is there also different way to set it up without natives? Since AI canuse it on missions, multiplayer creator, etc.

    Also I would like to make my own custom vehicle weapon.

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