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LSPD pursuit traffic density

  • Im using LS Traffic (values installed into stock gameconfig.xml) & World of Variety. Density & Variety sliders maxed. No addons.

    Whenever I have a 4-5 star wanted level the traffic in the game just dwindles down to nothing. Literally. Standing in mid-LS freeway. I can see the heavy traffic in the distance but they dissapear when they reach about 1/4 mile away from me.

    I go back with a 0-2 star wanted level, normal heavy traffic.

    Ive tried a few different dispatch.meta
    Im thinking it has to do with the Vehicle high LOD threshold. But why only in pursuits?
    Any idieas?

  • @Weirdoutworld wtf lol I'll take a look when my game installs

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