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YMAP crash while installing some cars

  • Hello, I'm encountering a weird problem, whenever I have any ymap installed and some specific cars are installed
    I end up crashing on startup, the problem is even if I delete the ymap file inside the custom_maps folder and it's listed in dlclist the game still crashes, and if I remove it the game runs fine with all my cars installed.


    EDIT: I found it. It was the GS350 Police car by SCRAT causing the crash, If I found another car causing this I will edit this topic.

    UPDATE: I found that if I go above 62 Add-on cars with any YMAP installed it always crashes at startup that given I've installed PackfileLimiter + HeapAdjuster + Custom Gameconfig. So my statement about the GS350 by SCRAT is probably false. I have started combining my Add-on cars and this is working so far.

    FAST FIX: Combine your Add-on cars.

  • @S3idOtaku This might not be a solution but can you try a different gameconfig? (Map Builder's OIV overwrites your existing game config)

    Try this mod as well: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/heapadjuster

    Also delete the Map Builder folder from the main game directory.

  • Sadly this did not work

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