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Script Hook V complicated crash or conflict :angry:

  • This is my worst day of gta v lol, i couldn't find any solution on this if someone have any idea how to fix this please comment below.

    The issue is a bit complicated, i'm using Open All Interiors, and the option loadMultiplayerMap is enabled.
    So i have 3 dllpacks there but, whenever i want to add any new Add-on vehicle at \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks and when i start game, Open All Interiors crashing, and when i remove that option for loading multiplayermap there is no problem with that i can launch, and when remove the new addon vehicle from dllpack folder, even if i start with loadmultiplayer option it works. So waht the hell is going on

    Same thing is with TrainerV, the option that enabled Online MAP, if i add any new add-on, (disabled on Opn All Interiors) and i went to game, when i try to enable the online map through trainer, the Trainer getting crashed, so the new Add-ons are not letting me to enable Multiple Map?? Any solution damn this happened today on me while i was installing Addonpeds script and removed but issue still around :angry:

  • @HeySlickThatsMe
    Working, you saved my day thank you so much. :smile:

  • no problemo
    i didn't even have anything to do so i just checked forums lol

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