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Betsy's maps mod

  • Hello everyone, I've been looking for japanese touge style maps and I've come across some videos of people using Betsy's maps mod. Here on 5mods it seems to have been deleted. Does anyone still have the mod downloaded and would be willing to share, or if someone knows of similar style maps I'd be happy to check it out. Thanks! :D

  • @S0k3_xD Use Google. It's still available on other sites.


    @Dogamizer is it, couldn't find it, link?

  • https://9gta5mods.com/betsys-maps-pack-gta-5-gta-5/

    @ReNNie I'm not interested in this pack but I just tested the link. It'll download a text file with a Google Drive link. Don't know if it's legit though, now that I've tested it.

    Edit : Found another Chinese site also linking to the same text file. Google Drive link needs access granted. Guess it's up to the author to grant permission.

  • @Dogamizer Yes, tried it now, I will try to ask for permission. Thanks for the search!

  • @Dogamizer @S0k3_xD Just so you guys know, that site looks so shady to me. I have downloaded that thing and it came up as a random google drive link that I need to request access.....

    Tried downloading a few other random mods, IDM can't recognize the download, I downloaded by closing IDM and 7Zip can't open either of those zips or rars. I don't know can it extract it but I'm not going to try that since I have no idea what the fuck is going to come of of those zips...

    The sites that put too much walls in front of you to get the actual file mostly ends up with fake surveys that require your phone number or ends up with downloaded malwares.

  • @Aurora11 The site does look quite fishy I agree, I didn't look at anything else on the site other than the link that Dogamizer sent. Thanks for the heads up!

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