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GTA Redux With Only Graphics Settings ?

  • Hello everybody, i have tested Photorealistic Enb, and apart from seeing a dazzling sun, I did not manage to adjust the mod with the End key, so I wanted to come back to GTA Redux whose graphic changes are more beautiful for me. . ( very beautiful )
    Very simple, especially since I had in my previous game, settled Redux
    ( everything ) ...

    Except that this mod does not only modify the game graphically, it modifies the sound of the weapons, the life of the character which makes him almost invincible (cheated), the maneuverability of vehicles (No more brakes, unwieldy) etc. .

    And I would like to have with GTA Redux, only graphic modifications, and it is my wish to use it, knowing that I now know how to adjust it perfectly ...

    Is it possible ?

    i watch this topic, but does that allow to leave only the graphic part of GTA Redux? and remove the changes that are on the characters?

    ( Too HP )


  • Personne n'a une idée de ce qu'il faudrait faire pour n'avoir que la partie graphique de GTA Redux ?

    Nobody has any idea what it would take to have only the graphics part of GTA Redux?

  • @Khorne I was did it myself and it works. Although I might say I might have missed a couple of things while doing this manually so.

    So, you gonna need the timecycle files first (they are the most improtant one).

    Then everything starts with w_ (like w_extrasunny , w_clear). I would suggest you to leave the w_xmas original as I never found a mod that changes w_xmas for the better than original. but it's all up to your personal preference of course.

    All this goes to update\update.rpf\common\data\timecycle

    Then the things inside x64a folder. I personally copied them to update\update.rpf\x64\textures so they can overwrite others. I'm not sure which one was that but I don't recommend you to using Redux's cloud or sky texture because it's making the sky blocky and the clouds looking so awkward.

    visualsettings.dat , watertune.xml goes to update\update.rpf\common\data .

    As for the others i'm not sure :/

    You can also mix VisualV and Redux together. However I left out some of those when I did that.

    I was mostly installed the VisualV for some of the enchancement people did for VisualV like clouds and lightnings etc..

    The files I didn't take from Redux, visualsettings.dat , graphics.ytd , fxweather.ytd (if I remember correctly).

    Here is a few example how mine looks with 2 of them combined ( Using Vivid preset from Redux ReShade) ;

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    I felt like VisualV also helps to eliminiate the oversaturation of Vivid preset (kinda) but don't expect a big change since VisualV is also a part of the Redux but not sure which part of it is taken :P

  • Hi, I Begin the modding since less than one month, so this modifications can delete all non graphic part of GTA Redux ?

    ( modifications on vehicles, weapons, Super HP, and Bugs, etc )

    If it works ok, it's fine because it would be cool to leave only the graphics part of GTA Redux

  • Sorry I'm a little lost, could I have a little more explanation for these manipulations, i'm a beginner in modding on GTA V.

    I already have with this link, the possibility to withdraw the modifications made to vehicles and weapons, isn't there a way to remove the changes made to the health of the main characters ?

    Because the changes in GTA Redux make the main characters almost invincible, and I would like to delete that, quite simply.

    It's a cheat, this health

  • @Khorne Oh. You are asking how to remove the modified files. Well :( This one kinda difficult honestly and if you don't have too many mods installed, I would recommend you to just delete your mods folder and then start installing the mods again. I will explain how you will install the Redux's only graphic enchancements.

    I will try to explain everything in parts. Read all of it first and then start doing which one you wish to do. Also I hope you installed the mod inside mods folder, otherwise reverting back those files individually is impossible. Only way is to verify the game files but then all of your mods will gone. If you used mods folder however you are safe.

    If you have too many mods to delete the mods folder however, you need to take the original files from game files and replace them with the modified ones to turn them back to original. To do that;

    First you gonna need 7-Zip. https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

    Then you need to open GTA5_REDUX_V1.8.oiv with 7-Zip and open assembly.xml .

    PART - 1

    In that file you will see lots of installation paths and files. To explain you to how to understand the way assembly.xml works is;

    For example let's take this one as example;
    <add source="mods\update\update.rpf\x64\textures\frontend.ytd"> x64\textures\frontend.ytd</add>

    This mean the OIV installer installs the frontend.ytd file at mods\update\update.rpf\x64\textures location.

    <add source="mods\x64f.rpf\levels\gta5\props\vegetation\v_bush.rpf\creator_bushes.ytd"> creator_bushes.ytd</add>

    This means installs creator_bushes.ytd file at the mods\x64f.rpf\levels\gta5\props\vegetation\v_bush.rpf location.

    So after knowing this, you need to find originals of those files from original game files and replace the modified ones back with originals.

    To find original files, you need to go their original location. Like for example;


    The original version of frontend.ytd file is at the update\update.rpf\x64\textures location. So you gonna have to drag and drop all those files one by one unfortunately.

    PART - 2

    As far as I know, the changes Redux make to character health, vehicle modifications, weapon modifications etc are all stored inside update.rpf . The example I gave to you from x64f.rpf including the graphical change.

    Most probably reverting these files to original should be what you need.

    mods\update\update.rpf\pedhealth.meta Controls ped health, most probably main character health as well
    dispatch.meta Controls police vehicle dispatch system
    handling.meta Controls vehicle handling. This file is used to increase vehicle deformation
    crimeinformation.meta Controls crime related info.
    crimes.meta Same/similar as above
    loadouts.meta Controls the weapons peds carrying
    motivations.meta Not sure
    pedaccuracy.meta Ped weapon accuracy
    pedbrawlingstyle.meta Controls ped fist fight
    vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta Controls the vehicle driven style by NPCs
    weaponanimations.meta Controls weapon animations. This file is used to increase reload time
    weaponcomponents.meta I guess this one controls weapon attachments. Not sure
    weapons.meta Controls weapon related stuff
    combatbehaviour.meta Controls the combat style of peds
    peddamage.xml Controls damage dealth ( I think ) of the peds
    vehicles.meta Controls general vehicle related info. Not sure what's been changed in this but my best guess is a lot changed

    mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\tune\physicstasks.ymt Not sure
    vehicleaitasks.ymt Controls vehicle related info for the vehicles driven by NPCs
    wantedtuning.ymt Controls wanted level system
    dispatchtuning.ymt Controls police vehicle dispatch system

  • Banned

    @Aurora11 Damn great guide, Something like that should get posted in the tutorials section so people know what each file does. Gta 5 modding looks complicated until your start seeing the patterns in what controls what.

    Would it be possible, since we all know Redux was stolen, to steal Redux and repost it without all the bullshit? (half joking half serious question)

  • @InfiniteQuestion Haha true and thank you very much :D There are so so many things though and I kinda know only 40% or 50% max of them :D Might be even less too.

    Well honestly if you ask me reuploading an already stolen content has no harm, it can honestly only harm the author of the stolen content (if he would be selling it with money). but most probably the site moderators will see it like uploading major stolen assets :P but yeah, honestly in my personal opinion doing that should have been fine since we are just uploading an already existing mod which is free and can very easily be found, known by many people as well.

  • Hi, I finally succeeded to remove the undésirable effects from GTA Redux, but the clouds are ugly I find, they appear very pixelated, and I wonder, if I will not be forced to use Visual V plus another mod to change clouds texture ...

    The path was just different for pedhealth.meta

    Thank You Aurora, but with this cloud, i think remove GTA Redux and use Visual V alone.

    Also I have a big problem with the blinding blur of Visual V

    And I wonder in the end, which mod to use to have a rendering as beautiful as with GTA Redux, but without those pixelated and ugly clouds
    ( Et je me demande au final, quel mod utiliser pour avoir un rendu aussi beau qu'avec GTA Redux, mais sans ces nuages pixelisés et laids )

    Et désolé pour mon anglais miteux, je suis français.

    For clouds :



    Et ça me gène personnellement...

    My problem is maybe due to a bad installation of shaders with GTA Redux, and I think I found the fault, I reinstall GTA Redux for test ( je pense avoir trouvé le fautif )

  • I know that having a perfect, flawless game is difficult.

    Only I did not buy GTA V on pc to play without mods, because I already play it on PS4 (Online)
    And the goal is obviously to play GTA V with mods.

    Oh I'm not a modding beginner, I've created mods on Skyrim, Fallout 4, Oblivion, some of which are online on a French-speaking site, and I generally have no difficulty installing mods, even if it's easier with manager mods like Mod Organizer 2, except that everything is done manually, and it's painful, yet the game can really be beautiful, as I was able to discover ...

    But it's either, I install GTA Redux and I get a very good result, but with pixelated clouds (maybe a bug)

    Either I install Visual V with the settings for the enb, and it's a mess of color, everything is flashy, dark, or hyper bright in places, which means that moving around in the game comes back to moving a bit blindly.

    And if I mix the two, well that's better, but are these two mods designed to work together?
    ( bad idea for the blinding blur or other effect )

  • @Khorne I'm not exactly sure how to full properly mix Redux and VisualV. What I did in my game however, first I installed the VisualV from it's OIV. (It was fully vanilla). Then I have extracted timecycle files of Redux, the loading music (because it's just so good) and some of it's textures like water (water.xml, water.ytd and the water textures from graphics.ytd). I couldn't find any water mod in here as good and as blue as the one Redux have. What's the point of living in the Malibu Mansion if I can't wake up to an infinite blue ocean and sky right :blue_heart:

    As for the clouds, you can either extract the cloud texture from the original game or use VisualV's clouds. Original game's cloud located in;


    Simply drag and drop this texture to your folder, desktop or anywhere. Then go to;


    and drag and drop this texture there. Game will use vanilla cloud textures.

    If you wish to use VisualV's clouds, you can open VisualV's OIV by using 7-Zip. Then find this graphics.ytd file. Copy it to game folder and you can open it with OpenIV. Then extract it's cloudnoise and put it in the graphics.ytd in the


    I hope this blocky thingy doesn't happening because of a meta though because I don't know anything about it :( Let me know if this works or not.

  • @Aurora11

    that works, thanks and sorry for the delay ( i have reinstall the game this week )

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