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Engine Sound Swaps

  • im trying to add the blista compact sports version car sound to the sultan.

    i add the "<audioNameHash>BLISTA2</audioNameHash>" in the notepad under the sultan and save it
    Then edit mode on OpenIV click the green + sign and add that edited note pad into the common/data/levels/vehicles.meta

    that should be all right? i also noticed after i edit the file, it only says compressed next to it, unlike before and all the others that say compressed;encrypted am i missing something?


  • @MoSSiK yes, wrong vehicles.meta ;) the newest sultan is in patchday3ng not in x64e, there is also the vehicles.meta you have to change to take effect ingame

  • @TobsiCred i am trying to add it to the normal sultan the original.. not the RS version

    which i go to

    i right click vehicles.meta export to desktop in notepad+++ add the audionamehash etc
    then how do i re-add the edited notepad into the the meta again correctly? just highlight "vehicles.meta" and green + "add new file(ins)"
    and thats it?

  • @MoSSiK i think in patchday3ng is the original. after an update they sometimes update ingame cars too. so im not at home right now to check where the sultan is, the last known location was patchday3ng. inside this folder also is a vehicles.meta, search the under folders. open it up with notepad, hit ctrl+f search for sultan, go to the audiohash and replace like you told in your first post. then you only have to copy and paste the vehicles.meta into openiv, where the location should be open from the extraction. you also can + or right click the file and choose replace but the fastest way for im- and export is just drag with the mouse

  • I can only find files types of "texture dictionary" and "fragment object" in there

    IF you can give it a shot, let me know your results. trying to get Blista compact SPORTS version sound to go on the sultan (sports)

    the blista is located in OpenIV/GTAV/update/update.rpf/dlc patch/spupgrade/common/data/levels/gta5/vehicles.meta

  • Well im not exactly sure what i did but it works now

    working now, i appreciate your replies TobsiCred TYVM

  • @MoSSiK i tested it right at the moment and would tell you the same. car is in patchday3ng and you have to change vehicles.meta from mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5. you was faster :) enjoy driving with the new sound :thumbsup:

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