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Engine Sound Swaps

  • im trying to add the blista compact sports version car sound to the sultan.

    i add the "<audioNameHash>BLISTA2</audioNameHash>" in the notepad under the sultan and save it
    Then edit mode on OpenIV click the green + sign and add that edited note pad into the common/data/levels/vehicles.meta

    that should be all right? i also noticed after i edit the file, it only says compressed next to it, unlike before and all the others that say compressed;encrypted am i missing something?


  • @TobsiCred i am trying to add it to the normal sultan the original.. not the RS version

    which i go to

    i right click vehicles.meta export to desktop in notepad+++ add the audionamehash etc
    then how do i re-add the edited notepad into the the meta again correctly? just highlight "vehicles.meta" and green + "add new file(ins)"
    and thats it?

  • I can only find files types of "texture dictionary" and "fragment object" in there

    IF you can give it a shot, let me know your results. trying to get Blista compact SPORTS version sound to go on the sultan (sports)

    the blista is located in OpenIV/GTAV/update/update.rpf/dlc patch/spupgrade/common/data/levels/gta5/vehicles.meta

  • Well im not exactly sure what i did but it works now

    working now, i appreciate your replies TobsiCred TYVM

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