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Vehicles Appearing and Disappering at LONG DISTANCEs (Linked VIDEO)

  • Hi folks,

    Another "OLD" issue that I have been facing is that in some videos that I record usually appears and disappears some vehicles at LONG DISTANCEs ... I disabled the LOD settings in order to better demonstrate that they are always there; whatever I do ...

    I already tried to follow these two tutorials but for some reason they didn´t fix this issue:

    I tried to edit all VEHICLES.META (even in GAMES FOLDER) and nothing happened ...

    This issues is really annoying, because there are some situations when you don´t need any car and they still been visible at long distance.

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    best regards,


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    @jrchaves There is not much you can do about it. Its part of the gameconfig traffic density settings. Its "fake" cars, extremely low quality generic cars used to make highways in the distance look busy but disappear when close. They are supposed to seamlessly blend into traffic, but not very effective. I have not been able to reduce it completely, but I have a gameconfig with modded traffic that tries to push the boundary where the fake cars start.

  • @jrchaves In your gameconfig, go to these lines and edit to 0

    <VehicleMaxCreationDistance_Base value="225"/>
    <VehicleMaxCreationDistance value="255"/>
    <VehicleMaxCreationDistanceOffscreen_Base value="50"/>
    <VehicleMaxCreationDistanceOffscreen value="50"/>

    I believe these parameters control the lowest LOD vehicles, so it should NOT effect vehicles within your near vicinity. If I am wrong on that, then just keep lowering these values until you find the "sweet spot".

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    @jrchaves I have messed with every conceivable combination of these values. I settled on the ones in game admitting defeat that these cars, at least controlled by the gameconfig, cannot be completely made to disappear. I have also set all the values to zero as well but nothing works.

    <VehicleSpacing> is what controls them, but that also controls your main traffic. As I show in the video, I can almost remove them down to one distant car, but then your roads become empty. The game tries to balance between real car creation distance so they kinda blend into the fake traffic at the same <VehicleSpacing> and distance. If you increase the amount of cars by decreasing the amount of space between them, it also does the same to the fake traffic.

  • Hi eshenk and InfiniteQuestion,

    First, thank you for your considerations! Unfortunately it´s seems a GTA 5 problem. If at least we know what car it is, i could SOMEHOW make it invisible. If I discover something I will let you know.

    @InfiniteQuestion, thank you for your "WorkingPaper" ... lol ... It was funny see you spotting "ZOMBIE CARS" at long distances.

    @InfiniteQuestion, curiously, I noticed that during your travel through the map (mainly near the mountains and the coast at 8:30), you didn´t get the issue I have addressed in this topic here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/31484/lod-spawn-shadow-issues-linked-video

    At least the vegetation didn´t SUDDENTLY appears in front of you while you were travelling (as mine). Any clue how to solve that?

    Best regards,


  • @InfiniteQuestion By the by just a tiny question. Is it your Infinite Gameconfig or Enhanced Population has the <VehicleSpacing> change?

    I wanna do some nicey the fancy screenshots at the Beverly Hills area, but despite incresing the vehicle variety 5x more from gameconfig, it still feels very empty around. Like 4-5 cars waiting at the stop light near that Beverly Hills sculpture but the other side of the road is nothing but a ghost town which can make me so easily and surely say even Chernobyl has more living unmutated tourists visiting there right this moment lol :D

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    @Aurora11 <VehicleSpacing> is in the gameconfig. How did you increase variety 5 times? It's a combination of my gameconfig modded traffic and my popcycle from enhanced population. I can't play anymore without liveries in traffic, vanilla traffic is so boring.

    I see YouTube videos of NVE that has traffic bumper to bumper both sides of the road. When I install it the roads are empty like a vanilla game. I can't get the same traffic looks, makes me wonder why we only see quick 1 minute or less clips (game crashes). It's hard to find actual real hour long gameplay.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Oh sorry I meant the vehicle amount. Did it by multiplying the <VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier_Base and <VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier value.

    So what I meant is do you have a gameconfig that makes the vehicles very close to each others and make streets are full of cars? I mean with modifying the <VehicleSpacing> .

    and yeah. NVE looks stunning in videos but I never was able to make it look the quarter of it. I'm definetly sure though all that can't be done with a single mod really especially the graphical changes. Played Skyrim and Fallout for like 10 years and used hundreds of mods, and the real graphical enhancement can only be achieved with a ReShade. Without ReShade the ENB itself is nothing really, and in my opinion ENB is only used to fine tune the output you are getting with ReShade and enhance the ReShade a bit more.

    Same for traffics too. The streets were very empty for me. There are times happening to me that I want to break into those YouTubers' houses and copy their hard drive literally...

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    @Aurora11 I don't really know what the 4 vehicle density sections do. You would think it actually increases density, nope. I have restarted and changed so many times but nothing ever seems to increase traffic except keyholes and vehicle spacing. You could probably push my modded numbers further, I wanted to find a balance. If you don't mind having cars pop in when you turn around, you can get the streets full of cars. But as soon as you turn around new cars appear. Great for destruction, bad for realism.

    Reshade is a must have, ENB ya I just use to further tweak what the game can already do. Also reflections

  • @InfiniteQuestion You can try F7YO's gameconfig. That was the one I was using before until you uploaded the Inifinite Gameconfig.
    It has different options regarding the vehicle and ped density. Ped density doesn't work for me but vehicle density definetly does. Above 2.5x vehicle density gameconfig, I'm seeing cars piling up at the traffic lights. But it doesn't always giving the same results for everywhere :/

    There is also CityDensity setting in the settings.xml file which also controls the vehicle density too.


    alt text


    alt text

    I remember though I was showed you this before and you were told me about VehicleSpacing for the first time :D

    I mean of course I wouldn't be using it constantly but only for screenshot purposes. Because you know the Beverly Hills area of LA is very full of cars :D

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    @Aurora11 ha no I dont use F7YO gameconfig. Crashes my game and outside of game updates he hasn't touched it in years. Old and out dated. And his multipliers might have done something in the past but not anymore. If his is set to 5x, then mine is set at 100x. I don't touch the settings file other than for shadows, just because you can set a number above a max, doesn't mean it was meant to be that way. I see the setting file city density only if you want to lower it.

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    @Aurora11 Heres a demo of how my streets look using only my gameconfig and enhanced population.

    alt text

  • @InfiniteQuestion Yeah I'm not using that gameconfig for a long time either. It's no longer stable even with 1.50 version. It works but;

    alt text


    Oh it's with Enhanced Population :D Alrighty I will use that one too along with your gameconfig thank you :D

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