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A big project, but... what if someone redid all the vanilla car interiors?

  • Since all the interiors are copy-pasted among vehicles, imagine if someone took the effort to take every car in the game and redo the interior, making a lore-friendly version if its real life counterpart.

    Like imagine an Albany Cavalcade but with a Cadillac Escalade interior (rebadged and lore-friendly), or a Truffade Adder with a Veyron 16.4 (rebadged and lore-friendly) interior?

    I've always wondered if anyone would ever be up to the task. But I mean who knows, it might not even be that hard if it's possible to take existing interior models from car mods and making them fit vanilla cars. I think the hard part mostly would be the fact that there's so many cars to redo.

  • @mrwallace888 or you could just download the real life cars people have made on this site

  • @death7991 You must be fun at parties.

  • @death7991 lore ftw

  • @HeySlickThatsMe lore ftw


    @mrwallace888 i dont think you quite realize what you are asking here
    Thing is, car models generally have different proportions
    Thus someone will have to morph and adjust real car interiors, texture and rebadge them
    It may be a relatively large project for even just one car
    And you ask that someone would do that to all of em...
    And i assume that all that for free

  • @Wanted188 Well, people adjust GTA V Interiors to different car bodies (see lore friendly mods) so
    it doesn't even have to be real interiors, people can always model their own and make them better, i think the idea of improving interiors is cool but surely it would be time consuming and especially with zmodeler

  • Someone should make a 1948-1953 Chevy 3100 truck to either be a replacement or an add on mod. I know San Andreas has a lot of them mods but gta v doesn’t have any, and I love the front ends of those trucks

  • @Marilyn1957 I'd make another thread for that instead of using this one.

  • @mrwallace888 You may judge me for saying but why exactly you really want to see Albany logo instead of Cadillac or Vapid instead of Ford?

    I mean ok shitstar surely has license and copyright thingies which the world still couldn't achieved this smallest utterly shit stupid thing but I truly can't really understand why would anyone want to see an unrealistic mod whilst it could be very damn realistic and there are lots of it..

    At some extend with the game story involvement, this whole lore thingy makes sense to some extend. Like for example for Fallout New Vegas. Since it's not the good old USA anymore after 200 years of nuclear war and hostile mutant infestation with brain hungry gulper like ghouls and the raise of new state and country systems, they made the state's name New California Repuclic yeah? Ok so since because of the story I understand when someone wants to have lore friendly flags and stuff around.

    but GTA V... I mean it's the real life real time Los Angeles everyone knows, even the location names are real in the game files. So why on earth of underrated galaxy anyone would want to prefer unrealistic thingies.. I really can't understand that and probably never will...


    lore mods fit in with the environment around them, some people find it weird seeing say a vapid dominator parked up beside a ford mustang

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